montar en
A transitive verb phrase is a phrase that combines a verb with a preposition or other particle and requires a direct object (e.g. Take out the trash.).
transitive verb phrase
1. (to mount)
a. to ride
¿Sabes montar en bicicleta? - Sí, aprendí de niña.Can you ride a bike? - Yes, I learned as a child.
2. (to make a journey by)
a. to travel by
¿Te gusta montar en avión? - No, me da miedo volar.Do you like to travel by plane? - No, I'm afraid of flying.
3. (to board)
a. to get in
Al montar en el carro, se me cayó el celular del bolsillo del pantalón.As I was getting in the car, my cellphone fell out of my pants pocket.
b. to get on
Carmen montó en el autobús y buscó su asiento.Carmen got on the bus and looked for her seat.
c. to get onto
Yo monté en el tren en Badajoz y bajaré en Plasencia. ¿Y usted?I got onto the train in Badajoz and will get off at Plasencia. And you?
montarse en
A pronominal verb phrase combines a verb with a preposition or other particle and always uses a reflexive pronoun. (e.g. Se dio cuenta del problema.)
pronominal verb phrase
4. (to board)
a. to get in
Me encanta conducir. Cuando me aburro, me monto en el coche y me voy a dar una vuelta.I love driving. When I'm bored, I get in the car and go for a ride.
b. to get on
Tenga cuidado al montarse en el autobús, el escalón es muy alto.Be careful when getting on the bus. The step is very high.
c. to get onto
Mejor que nos montemos en el tren porque está a punto de salir.We'd better get onto the train because it's about to leave.
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