Usage note
The noun "merced" is always preceded by the words "vuestra", "su", or "vuesa" in the sense shown in 4).
feminine noun
1. (formal) (literary) (kind act) 
a. favor (United States) 
¿No le haría usted esa merced a un amigo?¿Wouldn't you grant a friend that favor?
b. favour (United Kingdom) 
Háganos la merced de revisar el documento antes de que lo firmemos.Please do us the favour of reviewing the document before we sign it.
2. (formal) (control) 
a. mercy 
Empezó a preocuparse al darse cuenta de que su vida se hallaba a merced de un megalómano.He started to worry when he realized that his life was at the mercy of a megalomaniac.
3. (formal) (because of; used with "a") 
a. thanks to 
La elección se ganó merced a un arreglo secreto.The election was won thanks to a secret arrangement.
4. (formal) (old-fashioned) (form of address) 
a. Worship 
Disculpe, vuestra merced, pero en nada me parezco a la sierpe que mencionáis.Excuse me Your Worship, but I am nothing like the serpent you mention.
b. Honor (United States) 
Su merced tiene razón, mas os imploro que escuchéis mi plegaria.Your Honor is correct, but I beseech thee to hear my supplication.
c. Honour (United Kingdom) 
Sí, vuesa merced. Lo que usted mande.Yes, Your Honour. Whatever you say.
1. (general) 
a. favor 
merced athanks to
a merced de algo/alguienat the mercy of something/somebody
1 (favor) favour; favor; (EEUU)
hacer a algn la merced de hacer algo to do sb the favour of doing sth; tenga la merced de hacerlo please be so good as to do it
merced a thanks to
estar a la merced de algo/algn to be at the mercy of sth/sb; el barco quedó a la merced de los vientos the boat was left to the mercy of the winds
4 (antaño)
vuestra merced your worship; sir
Phrases with "merced"
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vuestra merced
Your Worship
a su merced
at his mercy
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