1. (assembly) 
We are holding a very important meeting this afternoon.Vamos a celebrar una reunión muy importante esta tarde.
b. la junta (F) 
The meeting to discuss the new bike lanes was canceled.La junta para discutir los nuevos carriles bici fue cancelada.
2. (encounter) 
I knew we wouldn't get along from our first meeting.Supe que no nos llevaríamos desde nuestro primer encuentro.
b. la cita (F) (prearranged) 
I scheduled a meeting with my financial advisor to discuss my assets.Acordé una cita con mi asesor financiero para hablar sobre mis activos.
3. (junction) 
The leaders met at the meeting of their two lands.Los líderes se encontraron en la confluencia de sus dos tierras.
1. (encounter; by chance) 
a. el encuentro (M) 
2. (prearranged) 
a. la cita (F) 
meeting placelugar or punto de encuentro
3. (of committee, delegates) 
a. la reunión (F) 
she's in a meetingestá en una reunión
to hold a meetingcelebrar una reunión
meeting [ˈmiːtɪŋ]
1 (assembly, business meeting) reunión (f); sesión (f)
of club, committee, council [of legislative body]
(popular gathering) mitin (m); mitín (m)
to address a meeting tomar la palabra en una reunión
The president will also address the ministerial meeting of the 35-nation conference Later this morning Yeltsin addresses a joint meeting of Congress In 1919 Lenin addressed a meeting of the Communist International
to call a meeting convocar una reunión
to [have] a meeting
I have a meeting at ten tengo una reunión a las diez
the Council had a meeting on Thursday el Consejo se reunió el jueves
we had a very interesting meeting
to hold a meeting celebrar una reunión
I'm afraid Jeremy's in a meeting ahora mismo Jeremy está reunido or está en una reunión
to open a meeting abrir una sesión
He opened the meeting by quoting lyrics from Bob Dylan's "the times they are a'changing" OPEC oil ministers open a meeting today in Vienna the International Monetary Fund officially opened their annual meeting in Thailand today Every morning this week we've opened our editorial meeting with a spirited discussion of how NBC is covering the Olympics
2 (between 2 people) (arranged) cita (f); compromiso (m); (accidental) encuentro (m); (with politician, person in authority) entrevista (f); encuentro (m)
I liked him from our first meeting me gustó desde el día que le conocí or desde nuestro primer encuentro
to have a meeting
the minister had a meeting with the ambassador el ministro se entrevistó con el embajador; I had a meeting with the headmistress today hoy he tenido una entrevista or reunión con la directora
a meeting of minds un encuentro de inteligencias
It was not an easy year, for the relationship between Pironi and Ligier was scarcely a meeting of minds unless social workers begin by accepting the parents' definition of their problems with the child no meeting of minds can occur, nor a dialogue that can lead to change It was a meeting of minds, not a tawdry or tacky affair. I was no bimbo
3 (Athletics) competición (f); (Horse Racing) jornada (f); (between two teams) encuentro (m)
Kenya is to host a major athletics meeting for the first time the weather forced race meetings at Haydock Park to be called off Everton came off worst after its meeting with Manchester on Saturday
4 [of rivers] confluencia (f)
meeting house (n) (gen) centro (m) or sala (f) de reuniones; (Rel) templo (m) (de los cuáqueros)
Starting at the Village Common,where sheep are often seen grazing, one can visit the bank, the law office,the parsonage, and various other residences or meeting houses the cantilevered Meeting House that was the site of worship services the Bruderverein had been turned over to the Hitler Youth as a meeting house
meeting place (n) [of 2 people] lugar (m) de cita; [of many] lugar (m) de reunión or encuentro
this bar was their usual meeting place solían citarse en este bar; acostumbraban reunirse en este bar
Her first suggestion for a meeting place was Union Square The leader/convener has certain practical responsibilities such as being sure that everybody has proper directions to the meeting place sacred hills were the traditional meeting places of tribal leaders
meeting point (n) punto (m) de reunión; punto (m) de encuentro; punto (m) de convergencia
the meeting point between East and West el punto de convergencia entre Oriente y Occidente
the convoy of army officers was escorted to a pre-arranged meeting point this display, the centrepoint of the festival, will be the meeting point for the whole neighborhood The arranged meeting point for the marchers was the old pit gates peninsular Malaysia,sticking out like a finger into the sea, seems to be a natural meeting point between East and West Asia
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