1. (disguise) 
a. la máscara (F) (covering whole face) 
Nobody knew who Zorro really was because he wore a mask.Nadie sabía quién era realmente el Zorro porque llevaba una máscara.
b. la careta (F) (covering whole face) 
Egyptians wore masks of animals during their rituals to worship their gods.Los egipcios llevaban caretas de animales durante sus rituales para venerar a sus dioses.
c. el antifaz (M) (covering eyes area) 
The Venice Carnival is famous for its traditional masks and costumes.El Carnaval de Venecia es famoso por sus antifaces y disfraces tradicionales.
2. (protection) 
a. la careta (F) 
In baseball, the catcher must wear a mask to protect himself.En béisbol, el catcher debe llevar una careta para protegerse.
b. la mascarilla (F) (for inhalation or surgery) 
If there is a pressure loss in the plane, place the oxygen mask over your mouth and nose, and breathe normally.Si hay una despresurización del avión, coloque la mascarilla de oxígeno sobre la boca y la nariz, y respire con normalidad.
c. el barbijo (M) (for surgery) (Bolivia) (River Plate) 
Surgeons wear a mask during the surgery to avoid infection.Los cirujanos llevan barbijo cuando operan para evitar la infección.
d. los anteojos de buceo (M) (for diving) (Latin America) 
Spit in your mask to keep it from fogging up while diving.Escupe en tus anteojos de buceo para evitar que se empañen cuando bucees.
e. las gafas de bucear (F) (for diving) (Spain) 
If you wear a mask, you can see underwater while protecting your eyes.Si llevas gafas de bucear, puedes ver debajo del agua y proteger los ojos.
3. (cosmetic) 
I use a clay mask once a week.Me pongo una mascarilla de arcilla una vez a la semana.
transitive verb
4. (to conceal) 
a. ocultar 
He lied to everybody to mask his real intentions.Mintió a todo el mundo para ocultar sus verdaderas intenciones.
The drugs he was taking only served to mask the real problem.Los medicamentos que tomaba solo servían para enmascarar el verdadero problema.
5. (to cover) 
a. tapar 
They mask the screw heads with little discs the same color as the wood.Tapan las cabezas de los tornillos con pequeños discos del mismo color que la madera.
b. cubrir 
Don't forget to mask the windows when you are painting the frames.No se olvide de cubrir los vidrios cuando vaya a pintar los marcos.
1. (general) 
a. la máscara f, careta (F) 
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
his mask had slippedse le había caído la máscara
transitive verb
3. (conceal) 
a. enmascarar 
mask [mɑːsk]
1 (as disguise) also máscara (f); (just covering eyes and nose) antifaz (m)
the man in the mask produced a gun el hombre enmascarado or que llevaba la máscara sacó una pistola
his face was an expressionless mask
his talk is a mask for his ignorance habla para enmascarar su ignorancia
the gunman, whose mask had slipped, fled his mask of detachment cracked and she saw for an instant an angry and violent man the apparent indifference of such doctors may be a mask for their pain
2 (ornamental, ritual) máscara (f); careta (f)
an exhibition of African tribal masks actors wearing masks
3 (also face mask) (protective, cosmetic) mascarilla (f); (surgeon's) mascarilla (f); barbijo (m)
workers with safety equipment like gloves, masks, goggles they are cleaned by hygiene staff wearing masks and overalls many cyclists now wear face masks to filter the noxious exhaust fumes as the anesthetist puts the mask on the patient, I explain how we all wear masks in the operating room she wore a surgical mask and rubber gloves while she worked with the samples the mask leaves your complexion feeling soft and supple
4 (in baseball, fencing, ice-hockey) careta (f)
the catcher's mask used in baseball was invented by Fred W. Thayer
transitive verb
1 [+person, face] enmascarar
2 [+object] ocultar
a thick grey cloud masked the sun una nube espesa y gris ocultó el sol
3 [+taste, smell] enmascarar; [+truth, feelings, motives] ocultar; encubrir; [+effect of drug] enmascarar
the healthy trade figures mask a much gloomier picture Dena lit a cigarette, trying to mask her agitation they tended to mask their uncertainty with aggression she made little effort to mask her distaste too much salt masks the true flavour of the food why mask the superb taste of warm brown bread? high intakes of folic acid can mask a vitamin-B deficiency antibiotics tend to mask our need for recuperation
4 (during painting, spraying) cubrir
mask the area around the stencil in case the spray reaches the surrounding wallpaper
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