An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech (e.g. skinny, grandma).
Regionalism used in the United States
(United States)
a. enojado
My girlfriend is mad at me because I criticized how many shoes she has.Mi novia está enojada conmigo porque critiqué la cantidad de zapatos que tiene.
b. enfadado
Why are you mad? - Because you're late again!¿Por qué estás enfadado? - ¡Porque otra vez has llegado tarde!
2. (insane)
a. loco
He went mad when he learned that his wife died.Se volvió loco cuando se enteró de que su mujer había muerto.
A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech (e.g. skinny, grandma).
a. loco
It's obvious that he's mad about you.Es obvio que está loco por ti.
4. (uncontrolled)
a. desenfrenado
The crowds made a mad dash toward the electronics on Black Friday.La multitud emprendió una carrera desenfrenada hacia los productos electrónicos el viernes negro.
5. (foolish) (United Kingdom)
a. de locos
It's absolutely mad of you to leave your job now.Es una cosa de locos dejar tu puesto ahora.
b. descabellado
Running away from home is a mad idea. You shouldn't do it.Huir de casa es una idea descabellada. No lo deberías hacer.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (insane; person)
a. loco(a)
2. (idea)
a. disparatado(a)
3. (dog)
a. rabioso(a)
to be madestar loco(a)
to go madvolverse loco(a)
as mad as a hattermás loco(a) que una cabra
mad with fearaterrorizado(a)
there was a mad rush for the doorla gente se precipitó como loca hacia la puerta
4. (colloquial)
to run/shout/work like madcorrer/gritar/trabajar como (un/una) loco(a)
5. (colloquial)
mad cow diseaseel mal or la enfermedad de las vacas locas
6. (colloquial)
a. (enthusiastic)
to be mad about somethingestar loco(a) por algo
7. (colloquial)
a. enfadado(a) (angry)
Regionalism used in Spain
b. enojado(a)
Regionalism used in Latin America: all the countries in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Does not include Spain.
(Latin America)
to be mad with or at somebodyestar muy enfadado(a), enojado(a) con alguien
mad [mæd]
madder (comparative)maddest (superlative)
1 [+person] (mentally ill) loco
she was not completely mad, but she was not herself after so long in solitary confinement he was now completely mad He fooled psychiatrists into believing he was mad
to drive sb mad (make insane) volver loco a algn
captivity drives some animals mad la cautividad vuelve locos a algunos animales
to go mad (become insane) volverse loco
(crazy, foolish) loco
are you mad? ¿estás loco?; you must be mad! ¡tú estás loco or mal de la cabeza!
Eat in that dump? You must be mad! "I must be mad starting up in a recession" she says Go out there? In that snow? Are you mad? you'd have to be mad to do that They think I'm mad to live here but I like it Everyone thought I was mad to go back My friends thought I was completely mad to stay with him because of the way he treated me she's mad doing something like that My parents thought I was mad buying such a rusty old car to be mad [enough] to do sth Saddam Hussein is mad enough to resort to chemical weapons I pity any man who is mad enough to marry her you don't have to be mad to work here but it helps The way he played guitar [drove] audiences mad > she's a woman who can drive men mad with just a smile
to drive sb mad (irritate) volver loco a algn
she drove me mad with her constant questions me volvió loco con sus constantes preguntas
don't go mad! we've only got £100 ¡no te pases! solo tenemos 100 libras
I went clothes shopping today and I think I went a bit mad what I saw was a world gone mad The decorations were like a fairground stall gone mad For someone who suffers from a fear of drowning enrolling on a watersports course might seem like exposure therapy gone mad
I worked/ran/pedalled like mad trabajé/corrí/pedaleé como (un) loco
they fancy her like mad les gusta horrores or una barbaridad (informal)
We will all miss him like mad I'm working like mad to clear my calendar
to be mad with grief estar loco de dolor
She is mad with grief. Her son was burned to death in this awful place
(angry) furioso
I was really mad when I found out me puse furiosísimo or me enfadé muchísimo or me enojé muchísimo cuando me enteré; (Esp) especially (LAm)
to be mad at sb estar furioso con algn; estar muy enfadado con algn; (Esp) estar muy enojado con algn; especially (LAm)
I guess they're mad at me for getting them up so early to drive sb mad certain things he does drive me mad >
to get or go mad ponerse furioso
Jeannie gets really mad when you talk like that He just got mad and hit her He gets mad at her whenever she does well at anything to get mad [about] sth I get mad about some of the things men do to women don't get mad get [even] Terry doesn't get mad he gets even to go mad
he gets or goes mad when he loses se pone furioso or hecho una fiera cuando pierde
he went mad if she went out with other men When we got into the car she went mad ranting and raving about her reputation he was (absolutely) hopping mad about it Chapman was said to be "hopping mad" over the failure of BA to reach an agreement
it makes her mad when you do that cuando haces eso la sacas de quicio
Wilson's heard about the layoffs at General Motors and it makes him mad
to be mad with sb estar furioso con algn; estar muy enfadado con algn; (Esp) estar muy enojado con algn; especially (LAm)
I was mad with him for breaking my window estaba muy enfadado con él porque me había roto la ventana
(as) mad as a [hornet] "I don't believe it!" shouted Fletcher as mad as a hornet You ought to talk to Papa about that. He's mad as a hornet
to be mad about sb estar loco por algn
I'm mad about him she's mad about Boyzone
to be mad about or on sth
he's mad about or on football el fútbol le vuelve loco; es un fanático del fútbol
es un forofo del fútbol > >
she's mad on Chinese food le pirra or le chifla la comida china (informal)
Our child is mad on computer games and skating She's really mad on cricket
I can't say I'm mad about or on the idea no es precisamente que la idea me vuelva loco
to go mad
he walked onstage and the audience went mad salió al escenario y el público se puso como loco
When we finally got home the dog went mad bounding round the house and licking everyone
to be barking mad estar loco de remate (informal); estar loco de atar
The moment someone says you ought to see a psychiatrist you think "am I going barking mad?" You have to be barking mad to want a coal fire nowadays
to be (as) mad as a hatter or March hare estar más loco que una cabra (informal)
Her sister's as mad as a hatter Most of these aristocrats are as mad as hatters Keep your eye on him. He's as mad as a March hare
to be mad as hell (furious) estar cabreadísimo (very_informal)
I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more He'd been mad as hell when his motorbike finally packed in
2 [+thing] (silly, irresponsible) [+plan, idea, scheme] descabellado; de locos
...a completely mad scheme to build a bridge between two mountains It's a mad idea but it just might work
this is bureaucracy gone mad esto es la burocracia llevada al extremo del ridículo
(frantic, uncontrolled) [+race] desenfrenado
the daily mad dash to work la desenfrenada carrera diaria por llegar al trabajo; there was a mad rush for the exit todo el mundo corrió or se lanzó desenfrenado hacia la salida; todo el mundo corrió como loco hacia la salida; after the news came through the phones went mad tras saberse la noticia los teléfonos sonaban como locos
At about one in the morning my car alarm went mad The lines are going mad here if you want to try and get through pleasebe patient we're answering your calls as quickly as we can I was in the usual mad panic running about everywhere ...those millions of mums whose life is a mad dash between home childminder and a poorly paid deadend job ...the mad rush towards European federalism there was a mad rush to get the job finished on time
she's mad keen to go tiene unas ganas locas de ir
I'm not mad keen on classical music
I can't say I'm mad keen on the idea no es precisamente que la idea me vuelva loco
mad cow disease (n) enfermedad (f) de las vacas locas (informal); encefalopatía (f) espongiforme bovina measures against mad cow disease ...the cattle brain disease BSE — known as Mad Cow Disease Two more people have developed the human equivalent of Mad Cow disease
mad dog (n) (with rabies) perro (m) rabioso con la enfermedad de la rabia; (con la enfermedad de la rabia)
a rumour went round that there was a mad dog on the loose The Iraqi press described the UN inspectors as `mad dogs'
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