plural noun
1. (colloquial) (large amount) 
a. el montón (M) (colloquial) 
There's loads of room upstairs; you could crash there.Hay un montón de sitio arriba; podrías dormir allí.
b. los montones (M) (colloquial) 
I know what I'm doing. I have done it loads of times.Sé lo que hago. Lo he hecho montones de veces.
c. la cantidad (F) (colloquial) 
You can keep it. I have loads at home.Te lo puedes quedar. Yo tengo cantidad en casa.
2. (colloquial) (as intensifier) 
a. no direct translation 
He plays guitar loads better than me.Toca la guitarra mil veces mejor que yo.
It was loads worse than she could have imagined.Era muchísimo peor de lo podía llegar a imaginar.
transitive verb
3. (to fill with) 
a. cargar 
The pirates loaded the ship with barrels of rum.Los piratas cargaron el barco con barriles de ron.
4. (to put packages or goods in) 
a. cargar 
The men loaded all our furniture into the moving van.Los hombres cargaron todos nuestros muebles en el camión de mudanzas.
b. meter 
Luis loaded the packages into the car.Luis metió los paquetes en el auto.
5. (to fill a container or space with) 
a. cargar 
I loaded my backpack with food for a whole week.Cargué la mochila de comida para una semana entera.
b. llenar 
The flowers loaded the room with a pleasant scent.Las flores llenaban la habitación de una fragancia agradable.
c. inundar (figurative) 
Fall came and the trees loaded the streets with dead leaves.Llegó el otoño y los árboles inundaron las calles de hojas muertas.
6. (to insert into a device) 
a. cargar (a gun, camera or DVD player) 
The fire instructor loaded the gun with blanks.El instructor de tiro cargó la pistola con balas de fogueo.
b. meter (bullets, batteries, a DVD or film) 
How can I load the batteries into my camera?¿Cómo meto las pilas en mi cámara?
c. introducir (bullets, batteries, a DVD or film) 
The gunman loaded the bullets into his gun.El pistolero introdujo las balas en su arma.
7. (computing) 
a. cargar 
The antivirus won't allow me to load this website.El antivirus no me permite cargar esta página web.
8. (to pick up) 
a. recoger 
The bus loaded passengers in every city.El autobús recogió pasajeros en todas las ciudades.
9. (to distort) 
a. cargar 
He won because he used the dice that were loaded.Ganó porque tiró con los dados que estaban cargados.
Some regulations are loaded against small companies.Algunas reglamentaciones desfavorecen a las pequeñas empresas.
intransitive verb
10. (to fill) 
a. cargar 
The trucks are in the facility waiting to start loading.Los camiones están en las instalaciones esperando para comenzar a cargar.
11. (to enter a vehicle; used with "on" or "onto") 
a. subir 
The passengers quickly loaded onto the lifeboats.Los pasajeros subían rápidamente a los botes salvavidas.
b. abordar 
Commuters loaded on the trains and buses at rush hour.A la hora pico, los trabajadores que iban al centro abordaban trenes y ómnibus.
12. (to insert bullets) 
a. cargar 
Change your position only when the enemy sniper is loading.Cambia de posición solo cuando el francotirador enemigo esté cargando.
13. (electronics and computing) 
a. cargarse 
The movie is loading. Please wait a few seconds.La película se está cargando. Por favor, espera unos segundos.
14. (cargo) 
a. la carga (F) 
The train cannot carry such a heavy load.El tren no puede llevar una carga tan pesada.
15. (weight) 
a. el peso (M) 
The bridge collapsed because it couldn't bear the load.El puente se desplomó porque no aguantó el peso.
b. la carga (F) 
This bike can haul a maximum load of 200 pounds.Esta bicicleta puede soportar una carga máxima de 200 libras.
16. (burden) 
a. la carga (F) 
Don't shoot him! You don't want to handle that load.¡No le dispares! No tienes por qué vivir con esa carga.
b. el peso (M) 
He alone cannot bear the load of being responsible for everybody.Él solo no puede soportar el peso de responsabilizarse de todo el mundo.
17. (weaponry) 
a. la carga (F) 
One soldier prepares the loads, and the other one shoots.Un soldado prepara las cargas y el otro dispara.
18. (electronics) 
a. la carga (F) 
Don't remove the charger until the load is complete.No desenchufe el cargador hasta que la carga haya finalizado.
19. (work to be done) 
More workers were taken on in order to spread the load.Se contrató a más empleados con el fin de repartir la carga de trabajo.
20. (colloquial) (large amount) 
a. el montón (M) (colloquial) 
What a load of lies! I don't believe anything you said.¡Qué montón de mentiras! No te creo nada.
b. la cantidad (F) (colloquial) 
We've had a load of trouble with the new operating system.Hemos tenido cantidad de problemas con el nuevo sistema operativo.
21. (vulgar) (sexual) 
a. la corrida (F) (vulgar) 
I started fantasizing about that hot girl I just met, and I blew a huge load.Me puse a fantasear con esa chica tan buena que conocí y me eché una gran corrida.
b. no direct translation 
Dean blew a load in the shower.Dean se eyaculó en la ducha.
Paula made me blow my load without even taking my clothes.Paula hizo que me viniera sin siquiera quitarme la ropa.
1. (burden) 
a. la carga (F) 
to share/spread the loadcompartir/repartir el trabajo
that's a load off my mind!¡me quito or
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (lot) 
a load of, loads ofun montón de
it's a load of rubbish!¡no son más que tonterías!
we've got loads of timetenemos tiempo de sobra
load [ləʊd]
1 (cargo) carga (f); (weight) peso (m)
the lorry had a full load el camión iba lleno; I put another load in the washing machine puse otra colada a lavar or en la lavadora; I had three loads of coal delivered me repartieron tres cargas de carbón; they were forced to carry heavy loads les obligaron a cargar con pesos pesados
I had three loads of washing to do he drove by with a big load of hay the load slipped off the lorry the plane released its load of bombs he staggered under the load of his rucksack the combined load was too heavy and the tools were abandoned Chavez would be carrying a load of exactly fifty-eight pounds the coach disgorges another load of tourists neighbors would come to him with a load of logs
maximum load: 17 tons carga máxima: 17 toneladas
2 (burden) carga (f)
he finds his new responsibilities a heavy load sus nuevas responsabilidades le resultan una gran carga; she's taking some of the load off the secretaries está aligerándoles la carga de trabajo a las secretarias
an efficient bulb may lighten the load of power stations several processors can share the load of handling data in a single program high blood pressure imposes an extra load on the heart she's taken on a heavy load with this new job his [course] load keeps him at work 50 hours a week to take a load off sb's [mind]
that's (taken) a load off my mind! ¡eso me quita un peso de encima!
3 (Electricity and Electronics) (Téc) (also of firearm) carga (f)
4 loads cantidad (informal) (f); un montón (informal)
we've got loads of time tenemos cantidad or un montón de tiempo (informal); I've got loads (of them) at home tengo cantidad or un montón en casa (informal)
he's got loads of money there were loads of people I've seen it loads of times there's loads of room I used to read loads of Asterix books I don't like women who wear loads of make-up we're having a great time, loads of love, Sian
a load of (informal): the book is a load of rubbish el libro es una basura (informal); el libro no vale nada; he talks a load of rubbish no dice más que tonterías; they're just a load of kids no son más que un hatajo or una panda de críos (informal); get a load of this! (look) ¡échale un vistazo a esto! (informal); ¡mírame esto!; (listen) ¡escucha esto!
/we will be looking at a whole load of options/, savings, spending,investments his people came up with a load of embarrassing information she accused him of being proud and insolent and stubborn, and a whole load of other things then a load of tourists arrived
transitive verb
1 [+lorry, washing machine, gun, camera] cargar
gun, camera, computer
the gun is not loaded la pistola no está cargada; do you know how to load this program? (Comput) ¿sabes cómo cargar este programa?
ships loading and unloading their cargo the three men seemed to have finished loading the truck I knew how to load and handle a gun
2 (weigh down)
to be loaded with sth
we're loaded with debts estamos cargados or agobiados de deudas; the branch was loaded with fruit la rama estaba cargada de fruta; her words were loaded with meaning sus palabras estaban llenas or cargadas de significado; the whole thing is loaded with problems el asunto está erizado de dificultades
she's loaded with worries his pockets were loaded with sweets and toys soldiers were loaded with blankets and supplies to load sb with [honours] in the last 20 years of his life Guruji was loaded with honours, especially from India and Sri Lanka
3 (bias)
the dice were loaded los dados estaban cargados
the dice are loaded against him todo está en su contra
the situation is loaded in our favour la situación se inclina a nuestro favor
the dice were loaded against him/in his favour
intransitive verb
1 [+lorry, ship] cargar
ships had continued to load and unload throughout the war
loading and unloading permitido carga y descarga
2 [+gun, camera] cargarse
how does this gun/camera load? ¿cómo se carga esta pistola/cámara?
3 [+person] cargar
load! ¡carguen armas!
they could only load and fire five times a minute
load factor (n) (Electricity and Electronics) (Aer) factor (m) de carga
load line (n) (Náut) línea (f) de carga
our load line was under water at the bows and we were sinking slowly
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