le molesta
Usage note
The pronoun "le" may be translated as "him," "her," "it," or "you" according to the context.
le molesta
1. (irks him, her, you, or it) 
Apaga la tele. Papá dice que está intentando dormir y le molesta.Turn off the TV. Dad says he's trying to sleep and it bothers him.
No sé por qué le molesta tanto la luz. Quizá tenga un problema en la vista.I don't know why the light bothers him so much. Maybe he has an eyesight problem.
¿Por qué no quiere que cantemos? - No sé, le molesta y ya está.Why doesn't he want us to sing? - I don't know, it annoys him and that's that.
Mi hermano está inaguantable hoy. Todo le molesta.My brother is being unbearable today. Everything annoys him.
2. (offends him, her, you, or it) 
Le molesta mucho que alguien critique su país.It upsets him a lot when someone criticizes his country.
El pesimismo de los demás le molesta, pero luego él es más pesimista que nadie.Other people's pesimism upsets him, but then he's more of a pessimist than anyone else.
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