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"It" is usually not translated when it is a subject.
A pronoun is a word that stands in for a noun (e.g. she).
1. (direct object)
a. lo (masculine)
I couldn't believe it.No lo podía creer.
b. la (feminine)
Buy some meat and cook it.Compra carne y cocínala.
2. (indirect object)
a. le
Why did you give it a name? It's a bike!¿Por qué le diste un nombre? ¡Es una bicicleta!
3. (after preposition)
a. él (masculine)
Here's the envelope. There's something inside it.Aquí esta el sobre. Hay algo dentro de él.
b. ella (feminine)
The child jumped into the bed, convinced that there was something under it.El niño brincó sobre la cama, convencido de que había algo debajo de ella.
c. ello (neuter)
Forget about it!¡Olvídate de ello!
4. (personal)
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
I don't think it will fit in the car.No creo que cabrá dentro del coche.
It is heavier than I thought.Pesa más de lo que pensaba.
5. (impersonal)
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
It was a foggy night.Era una noche nublada.
It's raining cats and dogs out there!¡Está lloviendo a cántaros afuera!
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A pronoun is a word that stands in for a noun (e.g. she).
1. (subject; usually omitted in spanish)
it is redes rojo(a)
it escapedse escapó
2. (direct object)
a. lo m, la f
I don't want itno lo/la quiero
give it to himdáselo
3. (indirect object)
a. le
give it something to eatdale algo de comer
4. (prepositional object; masculine)
a. él
5. (feminine)
a. ella
6. (referring to uncountable nouns)
a. ello
from itde él/ella/ello
with itcon él/ella/ello
I don't want to talk about itno quiero hablar de ello
put some newspaper under itpon papel de periódico debajo
7. (impersonal subject)
it's rainingestá lloviendo, llueve
it's ten o'clockson las diez (en punto)
it's cold todayhoy hace frío
8. (as complement of verb to be)
who is it?¿quién es?
that's it for todayeso es todo por hoy
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it [ɪt]
1 (specific)
It as subject or following a preposition is often not translated.
(direct object) lo; la; (indirect object) le; (after prep) (if translated) él (m); ella (f); (neuter) ello
it's on the table está en la mesa; where is it? ¿dónde está?; "here's the book" — "give it to me" —aquí está el libro —dámelo; if you have the list, give it to him si tienes la lista, dásela; it's a good film, have you seen it? es una buena película, ¿la has visto?; give it a kick dale una patada; I have no money for it no tengo dinero para comprarlo; I doubt it lo dudo; there's a wall in front of/behind it hay una pared delante/detrás (de ello); she put a plate on top of it le puso un plato encima; lo tapó con un plato; it's a she [+dog, cat etc] es hembra; it's a boy [+baby] es niño
2 (indefinite)
The indefinite subject is not translated.
it's raining está lloviendo; it's Friday tomorrow mañana es viernes; it's 10 October or the 10th of October es el diez de octubre; it's six o'clock son las seis; how far is it? ¿a qué distancia está?; it's ten miles to London son diez millas de aquí a Londres; I like it here, it's quiet me gusta aquí, es tranquilo; it was kind of you fue muy amable de su parte; it's easy to talk hablar no cuesta nada; it is not in him to do it no es capaz de hacer eso
it's me soy yo
don't worry, it's only me soy yo, no te emociones
it's no use worrying no vale la pena inquietarse
it is said that ... se dice que ...
I have heard it said that ... he oído decir que ...
it was Peter who phoned fue Peter quien llamó
what is it? (what's the matter?) ¿qué pasa?
who is it? ¿quién es?
3 (special uses with "to be")
how is it that ...? ¿cómo es que ...?; ¿cómo resulta que ...?
that's it for today eso es todo por hoy
that's it! just there is fine ¡eso es! ahí mismo está bien; that's it! I've had enough of this waiting! ¡ya está bien! ¡estoy harto de esperar!; that's it then! we leave on Sunday ¡muy bien! or ¡solucionado! salimos el domingo; that's just it! ¡ahí está el problema!
this is it (it's time) ya llegó la hora; (train, bus etc) ahí viene
4 (referring to situation)
he won't agree to it no lo aceptará; I spoke to him about it lo hablé con él
I'm against it estoy en contra
I'm (all) for it estoy (muy) a favor
the worst of it is that ... lo peor del caso es que ...
he's dropped us in it nos la ha hecho buena (informal)
5 (in games)
you're it! ¡te tocó!
6 (sexual attraction)
you've either got it or you haven't ese algo, o se tiene o no, no hay vuelta de hoja
7 (something special)
she thinks she's just it! se las da de maravillosa (informal)
it [ɪt]
vermú (m) or vermut (m) italiano
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