A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to associate)
a. involucrar
He realized that he was involved in something illegal when he saw the police arriving.Se dio cuenta de que estaba involucrado en algo ilegal cuando vio llegar a la policía.
b. implicar
Don't involve me in your personal problems.No me impliques en tus problemas personales.
2. (to entail)
a. implicar
I refused the job because the work involved moving abroad.Rechacé el puesto porque el trabajo implicaba mudarme al extranjero.
b. suponer
The raise in taxes involves the creation of many new education programs.La subida de impuestos supone la creación de muchos programas educativos nuevos.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (implicate, concern)
to involve somebody in somethingimplicar or involucrar a alguien en algo
this doesn't involve youesto no tiene nada que ver contigo
we try to involve the parents in the running of the schoolintentamos que los padres participen en el manejo de la escuela
2. (entail; work, expense)
a. entrañar, implicar
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involve [ɪnˈvɒlv]
transitive verb
1 (implicate, associate) implicar; involucrar
a dispute involving a friend of mine una disputa en la que estaba implicado or involucrado un amigo mío; a crash involving three vehicles una colisión en la que se vieron envueltos tres vehículos; to involve sb (in sth) involucrar a algn (en algo); we would prefer not to involve the children preferiríamos no meter or involucrar a los niños; they are trying to involve him in the theft están intentando implicarlo or involucrarlo en el robo; try to involve him in your leisure activities intenta hacer que participe contigo en tus actividades de tiempo libre; it may involve you in extra cost puede acarrearle costos adicionales
don't try and involve me in this scheme we don't want to involve ourselves in a long discussion I don't involve myself in that side of the business to involve sb in a quarrel a strange young man who involved himself in other people's affairs do not involve yourself in anything you can't finish he didn't see how he could avoid involving himself in the case it involved me in a round trip of over 400 miles if there was a cover-up, it involved people at the very highest levels of government a riot involving a hundred inmates I seem to have involved myself in something I don't understand Noel and I do everything together - he involves me in everything
the persons involved (gen) los interesados; los implicados; (culprits)
I feel personally involved the Farmers' Club is an organization for people involved in agriculture he cannot reveal how much money is involved in the scheme let's take a look at some of the figures involved
to be involved (in sth)
how did he come to be involved? ¿cómo llegó a meterse en esto?; he was involved in a fight se vio envuelto en una pelea; he/his car was involved in an accident él/su coche se vio involucrado en un accidente
I'm not involved in this business I should prefer not to be become involved one of the few companies he is still involved in
she was only involved in the final stages of the project solo tomó parte en las fases finales del proyecto
if she were involved in business she would make a strong chief executive I wasn't personally involved in the discussions
I was so involved in my book that ... estaba tan absorto en el libro que ...
to become or get involved (in sth)
the police became involved la policía tomó cartas en el asunto; I don't want to get involved no quiero meterme; to get involved in a fight verse envuelto en una pelea
to be/become/get involved with sth/sb
she's so involved with the project she doesn't have time for me está tan liada (informal) con el proyecto que no tiene tiempo para mí; el proyecto la absorbe tanto que no tiene tiempo para mí; she became involved with the resistance movement se involucró en el movimiento de resistencia
they had no wish to become involved with the smuggling of illegal drugs people who are so involved with their careers that they have no time for friendship to be/get involved [with] sb
she got involved with some really weird people se mezcló con una gente muy rara; she likes him but she doesn't want to get involved él le gusta, pero no quiere comprometerse
he got involved with a girl
2 (entail, imply) suponer
it involved a lot of expense supuso or acarreó muchos gastos; there's a good deal of work involved supone or implica bastante trabajo; the job involves moving to London el trabajo requiere que se traslade a Londres; what does your job involve? ¿en qué consiste su trabajo?; how much money is involved? ¿cuánto dinero hay en juego?; a question of principle is involved aquí hay principios en juego
it involves a lot of expense/trouble there are many factors involved it involves a big sacrifice on your part running a kitchen involves a great deal of discipline and speed my job involves spending quite a lot of time with other people it is normal practice in all cases involving personal injury a reorganisation involving the closure of 84 branches he is remanded on four charges of criminal deception involving nearly pounds 134,000
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