1. (general) 
a. de cabeza 
there was a headlong rush for the barse produjo una estampida hacia el bar
headlong [ˈhedlɒŋ]
[+fall] de cabeza
he made a headlong dive for the ball se lanzó en plancha a por la pelota
we watched his headlong dive for the ball
the headlong rush to the beaches every summer la salida precipitada hacia las playas todos los veranos
they are all engaged in a headlong rush towards privatization Their headlong rush was halted as they encountered and stared at Livy Colonel Washington made a headlong charge against Marjoribanks with his cavalry BLACKBURN'S headlong fall from grace is reviving nightmare memories for midfield ace Scott Sellars
1 (head first) [+person] de cabeza
the lorry ploughed headlong into a wall el camión se estrelló de frente contra una pared
it turned over in mid-air and fell headlong to the ground Haig's Army continued to hurl itself headlong into the German defences his Kawasaki 1000cc machine ploughed headlong into a German motorcylist she tripped over a kerb and fell headlong into the Georgian-style leaded windows of a shop
2 (swiftly) precipitadamente
I dashed headlong up the stairs subí precipitadamente por las escaleras
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