Listen to an audio pronunciation
Listen to an audio pronunciation
A plural noun indicates that there is more than one person, place, thing, or idea.
plural noun
1. (power)
a. clutches
La pobre mujer cayó en las garras de una estafadora.The poor woman fell into the clutches of a con artist.
2. (ugly clothing)
Regionalism used in Mexico
a. rags
Ponte algo bonito para tu primera cita, no esas garras.Wear something nice on your first date, not those rags.
A feminine noun is almost always used with feminine articles and adjectives (e.g. la mujer bonita, la luna llena).
3. (of an animal)
a. claw
El gato sujetó el ratón en su garra.The cat held the mouse in its claw.
b. talon (of a bird of prey)
La garra filosa del águila mató su presa en un instante.The eagle's sharp claw killed its prey instantly.
A phrase used as a figure of speech or a word that is symbolic in meaning; metaphorical (e.g. carrot, bean).
a. hand
¿Qué llevas en tu garra, Pepe?What do you have in your hand, Pepe?
b. paw (colloquial)
¡Quítame tus garras de encima, asqueroso!Get your paws off me, creep!
5. (enthusiasm)
a. spirit
El resultado del partido depende de nuestra garra y pasión.The outcome of the game depends on our spirit and passion.
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A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
1. (de mamífero)
a. claw
2. (de ave)
a. talon, claw
3. (fig)
a. paw, hand
caer en las garras de alguiento fall into somebody's clutches
4. (colloquial)
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
tener garrato have charisma
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1 (pata) [de animal] claw; [de águila] talon; [de persona] hand; paw (familiar)
echar la garra a algn to nab sb (familiar); seize sb
estar como una garra (And) (S. Cone) to be as thin as a rake (familiar)
2 garras (dominio) clutches
caer en las garras de algn to fall into sb's clutches
3 (Técnica) claw; hook; (Mecánica) clutch
garra de seguridad safety clutch
4 (fuerza) bite; (Dep) sharpness; edge
esa canción no tiene garra that song has no bite to it
5 (México) muscular strength
6 (Chile) strip of old leather
7 garras (México) bits; pieces
no hay cuero sin garras nothing is ever perfect
8 (And) (bolsa) leather bag
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