1. (candid) 
a. franco 
We had a frank discussion with our son's teacher about his weaknesses in school.Tuvimos una conversación franca con la maestra de nuestro hijo sobre sus puntos débiles en la escuela.
b. sincero 
To be completely frank with you, I actually didn't enjoy the dinner.Para ser totalmente sincero contigo, en realidad no disfruté la cena.
2. (colloquial) (culinary) (United States) 
Do you want ketchup or mustard on your frank?¿Quieres kétchup o mostaza en la salchicha de Frankfurt?
transitive verb
3. (mail) 
a. franquear 
If you don't frank your package, the post office will not know that you paid the postage.Si no franqueas tu paquete, la oficina de correos no sabrá que pagaste el envío.
proper noun
4. (ancient Germanic tribe member) 
The Franks and other nomadic tribes roamed the region that is now France.Los francos y otras tribus nómadas vagaron por la región que ahora es Francia.
5. (name) 
a. Franco 
My oldest brother's name is Frank.Mi hermano mayor se llama Franco.
6. (nickname for Francis) 
a. Paco 
Did you invite Frank to your party?¿Invitaste a Paco a tu fiesta?
b. Pancho 
Frank and I are best friends since we were eight.Pancho y yo somos amigos desde que teníamos ocho años.
c. Fran 
His mom usually calls him Frank, but when she gets mad she calls him Francis.Su mamá casi siempre le dice Fran, pero cuando se enoja le dice Francisco.
d. Paquito 
Frank and his sister love playing in the yard.A Paquito y a su hermana les encanta jugar en el jardín.
1. (person, answer) 
a. franco(a) 
to be frank,…francamente,…
transitive verb
2. (letter) (United Kingdom) 
a. franquear 
frank [fræŋk]
franker (comparative)frankest (superlative) franco
to be frank (with you) para serte franco; sinceramente
To be frank, he could also be a bit of a bore To be frank with you, Harvey, I may have made a mistake
frank [fræŋk]
transitive verb
[+letter] franquear
frank [fræŋk] (US)
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