fill in
transitive verb phrase
1. (to stuff) 
a. rellenar 
I filled in the hole in the wall to keep the mice out.Rellené el agujero de la pared para que no entraran los ratones.
2. (to write in) 
a. llenar 
Please fill in this form and then stand in the line until you're called.Por favor, llene este formulario y después póngase en la fila hasta que lo llamen.
b. rellenar 
I had to erase a couple of mistakes while filling in the form.Tuve que borrar un par de errores cuando rellenaba el formulario.
c. completar 
Please fill in the missing details of your contact information.Por favor, complete los detalles que faltan de sus datos personales.
d. poner (details or information) 
Fill in your first name and last name at the bottom of this piece of paper.Ponga su nombre y apellido en la parte inferior de esta hoja.
3. (to spend) 
a. ocupar (time) 
We filled in the extra hour by going for coffee before our next appointment.Ocupamos la hora que nos quedaba libre tomando un café antes de nuestra siguiente cita.
4. (to inform) 
John can you fill in the folks who just arrived?John, ¿puedes poner al corriente a los que acaban de llegar?
What happened in last episode? Can someone fill me in, please?¿Qué pasó en el anterior episodio? ¿Alguien puede ponerme al tanto?
intransitive verb phrase
5. (to substitute; often used wih "for") 
Your physics teacher is sick today, so I'm here to fill in.Su profesora de física está enferma hoy, así que estoy yo de suplente.
Rachel filled in for Joe at the office while he was away.Rachel estuvo de suplente de Joe en la oficina mientras él estuvo fuera.
Mary will fill in for Mr. Gordon's secretary while she is on sick leave.Mary sustituirá a la secretaria del señor Gordon mientras está con licencia por enfermedad.
fill in
transitive verb phrase
1. (hole, space, form) 
a. rellenar 
to f in timematar el tiempo
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (inform) 
to f somebody in (on something)poner a alguien al tanto (de algo)
intransitive verb
3. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to f in for somebodysustituir a alguien
fill in
transitive verb
1 [+hole, gap, outline] rellenar
2 (occupy) [+time] ocupar; pasar
I had an hour to fill in before my train tenía que ocupar or pasar una hora de alguna forma hasta que llegase mi tren; "what are you doing here?" — "just filling in time" —¿qué haces aquí? —pasar el tiempo
"what are you doing here?" - "just filling in time till my flight is called" runways will be repaired by engineers assigned to fill in any craters produced by enemy attack the lecture filled in some of the gaps in his knowledge Use waterproof lip-liners, filling in with a dry lipstick Like painting by numbers, the next stage is filling in all the different colours
3 (complete) [+form] rellenar; llenar; [+details] completar; (write) [+one's name] escribir; poner
fill in the blanks in the following sentences rellenar los espacios vacíos en las siguientes frases
you can let your imagination fill in the details Congress has to fill in the details of the budget outline it presented 10 days ago I filled in the application form and sent it off fill in the coupon and send it to the address below You discuss and fill in a form concerning your state of health and medical history Fill in your answers in the space provided
4 (inform)
to fill sb in (on sth) poner a algn al corriente (de algo); Jackie will fill you in on the rest of the office procedures Jackie te pondrá al corriente de cómo funciona todo lo demás en la oficina
fill me in on what happened
to fill in for sb suplir a algn; sustituir a algn; can you find someone to fill in at such short notice? ¿puedes encontrar a alguien con tan poco tiempo que haga de suplente?
they can't drop everything to fill in for an absent colleague they had to get someone at the last moment to fill in for the soloist, who was ill
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