1. (barrier) 
a. la valla (F) 
My dream is to have a big house with a white fence.Sueño con tener una casa grande con una valla blanca.
b. la cerca (F) 
That fence is too tall for us to see over it.Esa cerca es demasiado alta para que nosotros podamos ver sobre ella.
c. la alambrada (F) (made of wire) 
Be careful, the fence is electrified.Ten cuidado, la alambrada está electrificada.
2. (slang) (receiver of stolen goods) 
The thief turned the stolen jewels over to his fence.El ladrón le entregó las joyas robadas a su perista.
b. el reducidor (M)la reducidora (F) (Latin America) 
It's said in my family that my grandfather worked as a fence for many years.En mi familia se dice que mi abuelo ejerció de reducidor durante muchos años.
transitive verb
3. (to put up) 
a. vallar 
We fenced the garden with wire.Vallamos el jardín con alambre.
b. cercar 
How much will it cost to fence the field?¿Cuánto me costará cercar el campo?
4. (to deal illegaly in) 
a. traficar 
Anyone can fence stolen goods now thanks to the internet.Cualquiera puede ahora traficar con bienes robados gracias al Internet.
intransitive verb
5. (sport) 
She fences three times a week.Practica esgrima tres veces a la semana.
6. (to avoid) 
He fenced to withhold the truth.Contestó con evasivas para no contar la verdad.
1. (barrier) 
a. la valla f, cerca (F) 
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to sit on the fenceno pronunciarse, nadar entre dos aguas
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to get off the fencepronunciarse
4. (colloquial) 
a. el perista (M)la perista (F) (receiver of stolen property) 
intransitive verb
5. (as sport) 
a. hacer esgrima 
fence [fens]
1 (gen) valla (f); cerca (f); (wire fence) alambrada (f); (Racing) valla (f)
to mend one's fences (restore relations) mejorar las relaciones; (restore reputation) restablecer la reputación
to sit on the fence no comprometerse; mirar los toros desde la barrera
2 (receiver of stolen goods) perista (m)
transitive verb
1 [+land] vallar; cercar
fenced area zona (f) cercada or vallada
2 [+machinery etc] cubrir; proteger
intransitive verb
1 (Dep) practicar esgrima
2 defenderse con evasivas
A pub landlord survived having a 3ft-long fence post speared through his chest The officers walked into the trap after trees, bushes and fence posts were uprooted and used to block off a cul-de-sac
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