An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (not true)
a. falso
His life was ruined by false accusations.Su vida quedó arruinada como resultado de falsas acusaciones.
2. (incorrect)
a. equivocado
He clings to his false beliefs despite all evidence to the contrary.Se aferra a sus creencias equivocadas a pesar de todas las pruebas en contrario.
b. falso
She blushed when she sang a false note.Se sonrojó cuando cantó una nota falsa.
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
A false move might mean the candidate's complete failure.Un movimiento en falso podría significar el fracaso total del candidato.
The referee didn't penalize him for a false start.El árbitro no lo sancionó por la salida nula.
3. (artificial)
a. postizo
After losing his teeth in an accident, he's had to use false teeth.Después de perder los dientes en un accidente, ha tenido que usar dientes postizos.
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
The ducting is hidden above the false ceiling.Los ductos están escondidos arriba del cielorraso.
The secret agent smuggled the documents out in a briefcase with a false bottom.El agente secreto pasó los documentos de contrabando en un maletín con doble fondo.
4. (meant to deceive)
a. falso
Immigration authorities stopped him when they detected that his passport was false.Las autoridades de inmigración lo detuvieron cuando detectaron que su pasaporte era falso.
5. (disloyal)
a. infiel
Josie turned out to be a false lover, only interested in Kevin's money.Josie resultó ser una amante infiel, solo interesada en el dinero de Kevin.
6. (unlawful)
a. ilegal
Susana sued the police for her son's false arrest.Susana demandó a la policía por la detención ilegal de su hijo.
7. (linguistics)
a. falso
Second language learners need to be careful with false friends.Los estudiantes de un segundo idioma tienen que tener cuidado con los falsos amigos.
8. (insincere)
a. forzado
Anthony looked at her sadly, and gave her a false smile.Anthony la miró con tristeza y le hizo una sonrisa forzada.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (incorrect)
a. falso(a)
false alarmfalsa alarma f
the ceasefire turned out to be a false dawnel alto el fuego se convirtió en una esperanza frustrada
it's a false economyes un falso ahorro
false friendfalso amigo m
false modestyfalsa modestia f
2. (music)
a. (& fig)
false notenota falsa
under false pretensesbajo falsas apariencias
false startsalida f nula
to bear false witnesspresentar falso testimonio
3. (unfaithful)
a. infiel
4. (not real; beard, nose)
a. postizo(a)
false teethdentadura postiza caja f de dientes
false [fɔːls]
1 (untruthful) [+statement, accusation] falso; (mistaken) [+idea, assumption, accusation] equivocado
to give a false impression dar una impresión falsa
false move movimiento (m) en falso
one false move and you're dead un movimiento en falso y te mato
the police have to deal with escalating crime knowing that one false move can result in charges that they are racist he was watching him deal, and had not been able to detect one false move Her boyfriend, Patrick, stood by and did nothing, not out of cowardice, but because he knew he knew one false move would end in death
false note nota (f) falsa
a false sense of security una falsa sensación de seguridad
the gale that had postponed the landing had given the GErmans a false sense of security She fears bodyguard services, such as Kottke's, could give vulnerable women a false sense of security Routine screening gives a false sense of security. A negative result needn' t stay negative, and positives don't appear until three months after infection
false step paso (m) en falso
one false step could send you over the edge into the abyss
2 (deceitful)
under false pretences con engaños; con insidias
to extort money under false pretences obtener dinero con engaños or insidias; you came here under false pretences viniste aquí con engaños
you came here under false pretences - you said you were interested in me as a friend he's been cadging meals off me under false pretences for the last two months
to bear false witness especially (Bible) levantar falso testimonio
3 (inappropriate, insincere)
that was false economy fue un mal ahorro
to give sb false hope(s) dar falsas esperanzas a algn
to raise false hopes crear falsas esperanzas
false modesty falsa modestia (f)
"I never thought I'd have to take off my clothes in front of everyone," she said. For a girl who has posed naked in Playboy, that smacks just a little of false modesty
false pride falso orgullo (m)
There's no point in having any false pride. You'll just have to beg her to lend you the money He believes in equality. He has no false pride Loving yourself has nothing whatsoever to do with false pride or arrogance
his words rang false sus palabras sonaban a falso
false smile sonrisa (f) forzada
4 (artificial) [+hair, eyelashes] postizo
It's like pulling out a perfectly good tooth and putting a false one in its place
a suitcase with a false bottom una maleta con doble fondo
he registered in or under a false name se registró bajo un nombre falso
5 (disloyal) [+friend] desleal; pérfido; (unfaithful) [+lover] infiel;
false alarm (n) falsa alarma (f)
false arrest (n) detención (f) ilegal
he'll get compensation for false arrest
false ceiling (n) cielo (m) raso; falso techo (m)
false dawn (n) espejismo (m)
The new age of enterprise which the Government hoped would revitalise Britain in the Eighties turned out to be a false dawn in 1945, Guatemala enjoyed a brief, false dawn of political democracy and social reform
false friend (n) (Ling) falso amigo (m)
false imprisonment (n) (by police) detención (f) ilegal; (by criminal) retención (f) ilegal
they sued the Metropolitan Police for false imprisonment he was convicted of assault and false imprisonment
false start (n) (Dep) salida (f) nula; comienzo (m) fallido
false teeth (n) dentadura (f) postiza; dientes (m) postizos
false tooth (n) diente (m) postizo
the dentist told me I'd have to have a false tooth to replace the one I'd lost in the accident
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