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masculine noun
1. (intense activity) 
La casita queda solo cinco minutos a pie del ajetreo del pueblo principal de la isla.The cottage is only a five-minute walk away from the hustle and bustle of the island's main town.
b. bustle 
En el ajetreo de la estación nos perdimos de vista.In the bustle at the train station we lost sight of each other.
Tuve que ir a una biblioteca porque el ajetreo en casa era insoportable.I had to go to a library because I couldn't stand all the coming and going at home.
1. (gestiones, molestias) 
a. running around, hard work 
2. (actividad) 
a. (hustle and) bustle 
(actividad) hustle and bustle; (labor) drudgery; hard work
es un continuo ajetreo there's constant coming and going
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