draw yourself
draw yourself
An intransitive verb phrase is a phrase that combines a verb with a preposition or other particle and does not require a direct object (e.g. Everybody please stand up.).
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to draw oneself)
a. dibujarse
When you draw yourself, do you do it from memory or looking at a picture?Cuando te dibujas, ¿lo haces de la memoria o mirando una foto?
A phrase is a group of words commonly used together (e.g once upon a time).
2. (imperative; used to address one person)
a. dibújate
A word of phrase used to refer to the second person informal “tú” by their conjugation or implied context (e.g. How are you?).
Draw yourself happy!¡Dibújate alegre!
b. dibújese
A word or phrase used to refer to the second person formal “usted” by their conjugation or implied context (e.g. usted).
Draw yourself as a tree and bring the drawing to our next session. - Yes, doctor.Dibújese como un árbol y traiga el dibujo a nuestra próxima sesión. - Sí, doctor.
3. (imperative; used to address multiple people)
a. dibújense (plural)
Draw yourself with your family. You can only use two colors.Dibújense con su familia. Solo pueden utilizar dos colores.
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