1. (complicated) 
a. difícil 
This math exercise is too difficult for me.Este problema de matemática es muy difícil para mí.
It's a difficult situation when neither party is wrong.Es una situación complicada cuando ninguno de los lados está mal.
c. complejo 
Cancer is a difficult disease to treat.El cáncer es una enfermedad compleja de tratar.
2. (troublesome) 
a. difícil 
The teacher is patient with difficult kids.La maestra tiene paciencia con niños difíciles.
1. (task, problem) 
a. difícil 
he's difficult to get on withno es fácil llevarse bien con él
you're just being difficultno estás siendo razonable
to make life difficult for somebodycomplicarle la vida a alguien
to make things difficult for somebodyponer las cosas difíciles a alguien
difficult [ˈdɪfɪkəlt]
1 (hard) [+task, book, question] difícil; [+writer] complicado; complejo
he asked me a difficult question
there's nothing difficult about it no es nada difícil
it's difficult [being] a man today I find it difficult to [believe] that ...
it is difficult to describe the feeling es difícil describir la sensación; these dogs are difficult to control estos perros son difíciles de controlar
he's difficult to get on with it was a difficult decision to make
many youngsters find it difficult to get work a muchos jóvenes les resulta difícil encontrar trabajo
it was difficult for him to leave her le resultó difícil dejarla
she is determined to make life difficult for him está decidida a hacerle la vida imposible
her attitude [made] it difficult for him to apologise
to put sb in a difficult position poner a algn en una posición comprometida
she is determined to make things difficult for him está decidida a hacerle la vida imposible
this is a difficult time for us son tiempos difíciles para nosotros
to have a difficult [time]
note See culture box in entry easy.
2 (awkward) [+person, child, character] difícil
why are you always trying to be difficult? ¿por qué siempre estás intentando crear problemas?
all adolescents are difficult he can be difficult about some things, you have to catch him in a good mood
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