masculine noun
1. (termination of employment) 
a. dismissal 
Desconocía lo del despido de tu esposa; lo siento.I didn't know about your wife's dismissal; I'm sorry.
b. sacking (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
Creo que habrá huelga por el despido de estos tres mineros que llegaron tarde a trabajar.I think there'll be a strike over the sacking of those three miners who were late getting to work.
c. lay-off (for reduction in staff) (United States) 
Los trabajadores se enfrentan a un despido por cierre de la planta.The workers are facing lay-offs because of the closure of the plant.
d. redundancy (for reduction in staff) (United Kingdom) 
El despido de la fábrica afectó a 50 familias.The redundancies at the factory affected 50 families.
2. (payment) 
a. severance pay (United States) 
Con el despido que me dieron podré mantenerme al menos un año.I'll be able to support myself for at least a year on the severance pay they gave me.
b. redundancy pay (United Kingdom) 
Mi hermano se gastó todo el despido en viaje a Brasil.My brother spent all his redundancy pay on a trip to Brazil.
1. (expulsión) 
a. dismissal 
2. (por cierre, reducción de plantilla) 
a. redundancy 
despido forzosocompulsory redundancy
despido improcedentewrongful dismissal
1 dismissal; sacking (familiar)
despido arbitrario wrongful dismissal; unfair dismissal
despido colectivo wholesale redundancies
; (p)
despido disciplinario dismissal on disciplinary grounds
despido forzoso compulsory redundancy
despido improcedente wrongful dismissal; unfair dismissal
despido incentivado voluntary redundancy
despido injustificado despido injusto wrongful dismissal; unfair dismissal
despido libre right to hire and fire
despido voluntario voluntary redundancy
2 (pago) severance pay; redundancy payment
Phrases with "despido"
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yo me despido
I say goodbye
me despido de ti
I say goodbye to you
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