debe ser
1. (used to express possibility; third person singular) 
a. he must be (masculine) 
Lleva bastón. Debe ser mucho mayor que su esposa.He walks with a cane. He must be much older than his wife.
b. she must be (feminine) 
Por el acento, debe ser cubana.Judging by her accent, she must be Cuban.
Tengo que irme. Debe ser muy tarde.I have to go. It must be very late.
2. (formal) (used to express possibility; second person singular) 
Usted debe ser Benjamín Rodríguez. Me han hablado mucho de usted.You must be Benjamin Rodriguez. I've heard a lot about you.
3. (used to express obligation; third person singular) 
a. he must be (masculine) 
Debe ser encarcelado y cumplir una larga condena.He must be put in jail and serve a long sentence.
b. she must be (feminine) 
Para que la candidata pueda optar a una de las becas, debe ser ciudadana estadounidense.In order for the candidate to be eligible for the scholarship, she must be a U.S. citizen.
El cuchillo está muy afilado y debe ser usado con sumo cuidado.The knife is very sharp and it must be used with extreme care.
4. (formal) (used to express obligation; second person singular) 
Usted debe ser tratado de acuerdo a su estatus de refugiado político.You must be treated in accordance with your political refugee status.
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