1. (temperature) 
a. frío 
This food is cold. Send it back to the kitchen.Esta comida está fría. Devuélvela a la cocina.
2. (unfriendly) 
a. frío 
She is such a cold person. She didn't acknowledge me at all when I greeted her.Ella es una persona tan fría. No me devolvió el saludo.
3. (impersonal) 
a. frío 
You have to be a bit cold and objective to be the president of a company.Tienes que ser un poco frío e imparcial para ser el presidente de una empresa.
4. (indifferent) 
a. frío 
His false declaration of love left me cold.Su falsa declaración de amor me dejó fría.
5. (cold weather) 
a. el frío (M) 
The kids were shivering with cold in the snow.Los niños temblaban de frío en la nieve.
6. (illness) 
I've got a cold and can't go to the gym.Tengo un resfriado y no puedo ir al gimnasio.
If we stay out in this weather, we will catch a cold.Si nos quedamos fuera con este tiempo, pillaremos un catarro.
c. el resfrío (M) (Southern Cone) 
Stay at home if you have a cold.Si tiene un resfrío, quédese en casa.
d. el constipado (M) (Spain) 
One of the symptoms of the common cold is sneezing.Uno de los síntomas del constipado común es estornudar.
7. (abruptly) 
a. no direct translation 
He stopped cold when she called him.Se paró en seco cuando ella lo llamó.
I quit eating junk food cold and it has been very difficult.Dejé de comer comida chatarra de un solo golpe y ha sido difícil.
8. (without preparation) 
I went to play the match cold.Fui a jugar el partido sin preparación.
9. (completely) 
a. no direct translation 
I have my monologue for the audition memorized cold.Tengo el monólogo para la prueba memorizado bien pero bien.
The player turned the first contract offer down cold.El jugador rechazó rotundamente la primera oferta de contrato.
1. (low temperature) 
a. el frío (M) 
he doesn't seem to feel the coldparece que no siente el frío
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to be left out in the coldser dejado(a) de lado
3. (illness) 
a. el catarro (M) 
b. el resfriado (M) (Mexico) 
c. el resfrío (M) () 
to have a coldestar acatarrado(a), tener un resfriado, resfrío
to catch a coldagarrar or
4. (in temperature) 
a. frío(a) 
to be coldtener frío
it's coldhace frío
to get coldenfriarse
to be in a cold sweattener sudores fríos
cold callingcontacto m en frío or sin previo aviso
cold creamcrema de belleza
cold cutsfiambres y embutidos
5. (meteorology) 
a. no direct translation 
cold frontfrente frío
cold meatsfiambres y embutidos
cold soreherpes labial calentura f,, fuego m
cold startarranque m en frío
cold storageconservación en cámara frigorífica
cold warguerra fría
6. (person, manner, welcome) 
a. frío(a) 
7. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation (colloquial) 
it leaves me coldni me va ni me viene
in cold blooda sangre fría
that's cold comforteso no es un consuelo
to get cold feetecharse atrás
to give somebody the cold shoulderdar de lado a alguien
8. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to do something coldhacer algo en frío
9. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to be out coldestar inconsciente
cold [kəʊld]
colder (comparative)coldest (superlative)
1 (lacking heat) frío
a cold buffet un buffet frío
a salad of cold chicken a variety of hot and cold snacks will be available rinse the vegetables under cold running water
to be cold [+person] tener frío; [+thing] estar frío
I'm cold tengo frío; my hands are cold tengo las manos frías
it was cold the weather was cold hacía frío
the house was cold la casa estaba fría; en la casa hacía frío
it was cold outside this is the coldest winter I can remember I was freezing cold
to get cold [+food, coffee] enfriarse
your dinner's getting cold se te está enfriando la cena; the nights are getting colder está haciendo más frío por las noches; I'm getting cold me está entrando frío; no, no, you're getting colder (in game) no, no, cada vez más frío
the weather was getting colder it was getting colder
to go cold
your coffee's going cold se te está enfriando el café; I went cold at the very thought solo de pensarlo me entraron escalofríos; the trail went cold in Athens las huellas desaparecieron en Atenas
to get have cold feet I was beginning to get have cold feet use trans entrarle miedo a algn? to get cold feet to have cold feet
to pour or throw cold water on or over sth poner pegas or trabas a algo
I don't want to pour cold water on your idea the Bank of England poured cold water on expectations of interest rate rises he threw cold water all over my plans
2 (hostile) [+look, voice, person] frío
he threw me a cold look what a cold woman she was "send her away" Eve said, in a cold voice
to get or receive a cold reception [+person] tener un recibimiento frío; [+proposal] tener una acogida fría
the president will receive a cold reception when he speaks today the next time you call him, you'll get a cold reception
to give sb a cold reception recibir a algn con frialdad; to give sth a cold reception acoger algo con frialdad; the proposal was given a cold reception by the banks los bancos acogieron la propuesta con frialdad
They fully support the White House in the cold reception it gave today to the Soviet proposal for peace a cold gaze/welcome
to be cold to or with sb mostrarse frío con algn
3 (indifferent)
to leave sb cold dejar frío a algn
his music leaves me cold su música me deja frío
4 (dispassionate)
he approached everything with cold logic lo enfocaba todo con fría lógica; the cold facts la cruda realidad
let me give you the cold facts we are faced with the cold fact that ... in cold [blood]
5 [+colour, light] frío
in paintings warm colours advance and cold colours recede the cold blue light from a streetlamp the scene inside the room was cold and sad it was a cold little story with an unhappy ending
from cold en frío; I can't sing it from cold no puedo cantarlo en frío
looks like we're going to have to start this research from cold
7 (unconscious)
to be [out] cold to [knock] sb (out) cold she was out cold but still breathing
1 (cold weather) frío (m)
her hands were blue with cold tenía las manos moradas del frío; come in out of the cold! ¡entra, que hace frío!
he came inside to get out of the cold he doesn't like the cold
to feel the cold ser friolento or friolero; (Esp)
I don't feel the cold - I hardly ever put the central heating on, even in winter
to leave sb out in the cold dejar a algn al margen; dar a algn a un lado
she felt left out in the cold sintió que la habían dejado al margen or dado de lado
you might see others around you having a good time and being happy while you feel left out in the cold buying a house is feasible only as a joint venture but one in five working couples are left out in the cold Syria must build up a counterweight alliance so that it doesn't get left out in the cold without any influence
2 (Med) resfriado (m); catarro (m); constipado (m); resfrío (m); (LAm)
I've got a cold estoy resfriado or acatarrado or constipado
to catch a cold resfriarse; constiparse
to have a chest cold tener el pecho congestionado or cargado
you'll catch your death of cold vas a pillar un resfriado de muerte
to get a cold resfriarse; constiparse
I keep sneezing - I think I'm getting a cold
to give sb a/one's cold contagiar or pegar un/el resfriado a algn
I went round to visit him and he gave me his cold
to have a head cold estar resfriado or constipado
to [do] sth cold
2 (abruptly)
she turned him down cold lo rechazó rotundamente; he stopped cold in his tracks se paró en seco
3 (without preparation)
he played his part cold representó su papel en frío or sin haberse preparado de antemano; to come to sth cold llegar a algo frío or sin preparación
you'll have to be patient with me - I'm coming to this job completely cold he believes he gets more insight into a character if he comes to it cold without reading up the background of the play
cold calling (n) venta (f) en frío
a toughened-steel chisel
cold cream (n) crema (f) hidratante
cold cuts (n) (US)
cold meats See culture box in entry cold.
cold fish (n) persona (f) seca
cold frame (n) vivero (m) para plantas
cold front (n) (Metal) frente (m) frío
cold meats (n) fiambres (f); embutidos (m)
cold snap (n) ola (f) de frío
cold sore (n) herpes (m) labial; pupa (informal) (f)
cold start (n) (Aut) arranque (m) en frío
cold storage (n) conservación (f) en cámaras frigoríficas
to put sth into cold storage [+food] refrigerar algo; [+project] aparcar algo (informal)
strawberries are picked before they are ripe and transported in cold storage people who suffer from depression often put their feelings in cold storage the idea has been in cold storage for years
cold store (n) cámara (f) frigorífica
cold sweat (n) sudor (m) frío
he broke into a cold sweat le entró un sudor frío
just thinking about it brought me out in a cold sweat
cold turkey (n) mono (informal) (m); síndrome (m) de abstinencia
to go cold turkey dejar la droga en seco
he decided to go cold turkey (like the man in Trainspotting) the only way to get off drugs is to go cold turkey you can't suddenly sign the pledge, go cold turkey, because that option is never on offer rather than go cold turkey he'd dissolved some kind of capsules in hot water and shot that up
he quit smoking cold turkey dejó de fumar a base de aguantarse el mono (informal)
cold war (n) guerra (f) fría
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