An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
1. (poorly)
a. mal
I understand French but speak it badly.Entiendo el francés, pero lo hablo mal.
2. (unfavorably)
a. mal
Things have been going badly for me at work lately.Últimamente las cosas me están yendo mal en el trabajo.
3. (wrongly)
a. mal
He treats his employees badly. He always criticizes and never praises them.Trata mal a sus empleados. Siempre los critica y nunca los elogia.
4. (seriously)
a. gravemente
Sheila was badly injured in the car crash.Sheila resultó gravemente herida en el accidente de auto.
5. (greatly)
a. muy (before an adjective)
Sharon felt badly hurt when she found out that James had been criticizing her behind her back.Sharon se sintió muy herida cuando se enteró de que James la había estado criticando a sus espaldas.
b. mucho
I realize I need my wife badly. I don't know what I'd do without her.Me doy cuenta de que necesito mucho a mi esposa. No sé qué haría sin ella.
6. (spectacularly)
a. estrepitosamente
He failed badly as a photographer, but found success as a writer.Fracasó estrepitosamente como fotógrafo, pero tuvo éxito como escritor.
7. (urgently)
a. desesperadamente
The fields badly need water. The drought has lasted too long.Los campos necesitan agua desesperadamente. La sequía ha durado demasiado.
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An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
1. (not well)
a. mal
to do badlyhacerlo mal
he didn't do badlyle fue (bastante) bien
he took it very badlyse lo tomó muy mal
we are badly off for money/timenos falta dinero/tiempo
to get on badly (with somebody)llevarse mal (con alguien)
badly dressedmal vestido(a)
2. (seriously)
a. gravemente
to be badly beatenrecibir una buena paliza
badly damagedgravemente dañado(a)
3. (greatly)
a. mucho
to want something badlydesear algo mucho
to be badly in need of somethingnecesitar algo urgentemente
badly [ˈbædlɪ]
1 (poorly) mal
he did badly in his exams los exámenes le fueron mal; things are going badly las cosas van mal; we came off badly in the deal salimos mal parados del negocio; badly made/written/designed mal hecho/escrito/diseñado; to sleep badly dormir mal
2 (seriously, severely) gravemente
he was badly injured estaba gravemente herido; they were badly beaten (in contest) sufrieron una seria derrota; (physically) les dieron una paliza tremenda; to be badly mistaken estar muy equivocado; it was a gamble that went badly wrong se corría un riesgo y salió muy mal; the building was badly damaged in the explosion en la explosión el edificio resultó muy dañado
3 (unfavourably)
to speak/think badly of sb hablar/pensar mal de algn; to reflect badly on sb dejar mal a algn
nobody will think badly of you if you decide not to take part
"how did he take it?" — "badly" —¿qué tal se lo tomó? —fatal
4 (wrongly)
to treat sb badly tratar mal a algn; to behave badly portarse mal
the children behaved very badly
5 (very much) [+want, need]
badly-needed medical supplies medicamentos (m) que se necesitan desesperadamente
I am badly in need of advice
it badly needs painting hace mucha falta pintarlo; he badly needs help necesita ayuda a toda costa; they badly wanted a child estaban desesperados por tener un niño
he badly wanted to see her again
we badly need another assistant nos hace muchísima falta otro ayudante
I want it badly I need the money badly
to be badly off (poor) andar or estar mal de dinero
/he was not badly off/ but had his sister's child to support as well as his own family how can politicians claim that Britain is so badly off when we have North Sea oil and gas?
we are badly off for coal andamos mal de carbón
at a disadvantage
you're not that badly off, you only have to work 20 hours a week no estás tan mal, solo tienes que trabajar 20 horas por semana
the average working week in Japan is 42.3 hours, compared with 41.6 in the UK, so they are not too badly off
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