A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to permit)
a. permitir
Authorities don't allow civilians in this area.Las autoridades no permiten civiles en esta área.
b. dejar
He allows me to pick pears from his tree whenever I want.Me deja recoger peras de su árbol cuando quiera.
2. (to let enter)
a. admitir
Dogs are not allowed in the store.No se admiten perros en la tienda.
b. dejar entrar
They wouldn't allow us in because we weren't suitably dressed.No nos dejaron entrar porque no íbamos vestidos para la ocasión.
3. (to allocate)
a. dejar
Be sure to allow time for homework after school.Asegúrate de dejar tiempo para la tarea después de la escuela.
b. calcular
Allow at least two hours to reach Madrid.Calcula como mínimo dos horas para llegar a Madrid.
4. (to accept)
a. reconocer
I have to allow that she's great fun.Tengo que reconocer que es una persona muy divertida.
5. (to grant)
a. permitir
The committee did not allow the building of a skyscraper in that location.El comité no permitió que se construyera el rascacielos en esa localización.
6. (to give)
a. dar
We're allowed one hour for lunch.Nos dan una hora para comer.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
7. (to make provision for; used with "for")
a. tener en cuenta
You must also allow for travel expenses.Tienes que tener también en cuenta los gastos de viaje.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (permit)
a. permitir
to allow somebody to do somethingpermitir a alguien hacer or que haga algo, dejar a alguien hacer algo
smoking is not allowedse prohíbe or no se permite fumar
they'll never allow you to do itnunca te dejarán hacerlo
allow me!¡permítame!
I am allowed to do ittengo permiso para hacerlo
to allow oneself to be deceived/persuadeddejarse engañar/convencer
2. (allocate, grant)
a. dar, conceder
allow an hour to get to the airportdeja una hora para llegar al aeropuerto
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allow [əˈlaʊ]
transitive verb
1 (permit) permitir
smoking is not allowed no está permitido fumar
no dogs allowed no se admiten perros
allow me! ¡permítame!; he can't have sweets, he's not allowed no puede comer caramelos, no se lo permiten or no lo dejan
I will not allow such behaviour he should be allowed the occasional treat she said this would allow more effective planning
to allow sb to do sth dejar or (formal) permitir a algn hacer algo; dejar or (formal) permitir que algn haga algo; nobody was allowed to leave no dejaron or permitieron marcharse a nadie; no dejaron or permitieron que nadie se marchara; allow me to introduce you to Dr Amberg permítame que le presente al Dr Amberg
the children are not allowed to watch violent TV programmes the Government will allow them to advertise on radio and television if the soil is allowed to dry out the tree could die the compromise will allow him to continue his free market reforms allow me to buy you a drink at the bar allow us to help you in no circumstances would he allow us to film in the villa to allow sth [to] do sth
we cannot allow this to happen no podemos permitir que esto ocurra; allow the mixture to cool deje enfriar la mezcla
he was allowed home after hospital treatment le permitieron or le dejaron irse a casa tras recibir tratamiento en el hospital
he is not allowed visitors no le permiten visitas
to allow sb in/out/past permitir or dejar a algn entrar/salir/pasar; permitir or dejar a algn que entre/salga/pase
he's not allowed out on his own no le dejan salir or que salga solo a la calle; no le permiten salir or que salga solo a la calle; they made holes in the box to allow air in hicieron unos agujeros en la caja para que entrara el aire
I squeezed against the wall to allow them past the animals aren't allowed into the house the Dubai port authorities won't allow me in Lebanon won't allow them in and Israel won't take them back
to allow o.s.
to allow o.s. to be persuaded dejarse convencer; he won't allow himself to fail hará lo imposible por evitar el fracaso
she finally allowed herself to say that ...
she allowed herself a smile dejó escapar una sonrisa
3 (reckon on) dejar
allow 5cms for shrinkage dejar 5cms por si encoge; allow (yourself) three hours for the journey deja or calcula tres horas para el viaje; how much should I allow for expenses? ¿cuánto debo prever para los gastos?; please allow 28 days for delivery lo recibirá en su casa en un plazo de 28 días
you should allow more space allow about 75ml (3fl oz) per six servings I didn't allow enough time for practice it allows very little time for meals we must allow three days for the journey
4 (grant) [+money] asignar; [+time] dar
the time allowed has been extended to 28 days el plazo establecido ha sido ampliado a 28 días
to allow sb £30 a month they didn't allow me enough time to answer the question properly I allow you great freedom; be careful not to abuse it the idea is to allow patients the freedom to stroll about the medical campus the new law allows more freedom to operating companies there is evidence that mothers allow boys more freedom I would like to be able to allow your request
the judge allowed him £1,000 costs el juez le asignó 1.000 libras en concepto de costes
to allow sb a discount aplicar or hacer un descuento a algn
the extra income will allow me more freedom el ingreso extra me dará más libertad
(admit) (Jur) [+claim, appeal] admitir; aceptar; (Dep) [+goal] conceder
even allowing that to be so the Court of Appeal allowed an appeal by the plaintiff the court was left with no alternative but to allow the appeal /Referee Robbins allowed the goal/ but on continued Brentford protests he ordered both teams off the field
to allow that reconocer que; I had to allow that she was discreet tuve que reconocer que era discreta
allowing that ... he allows that it would have been difficult to prevent the accident Warren also allows that capitalist development may, in its early stages, result in increased social inequality
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