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1. (matchstick) 
Use a match to light the candle.Usa un fósforo para encender la vela.
b. el cerillo (M) (Mexico) 
The matches got wet so we had to throw them out.Los cerillos se mojaron así que tuvimos que botarlos.
c. la cerilla (F) (Spain) 
He asked me for a match to light his cigarette.Me pidió una cerilla para encender su cigarillo.
2. (sports) 
The Spain-Belarus match will be held tomorrow in Barcelona.El partido España-Bielorrusia se celebrará mañana en Barcelona.
3. (compatible) 
a. no direct translation 
I think Alicia would be a great match for Jorge.Creo que Alicia haría buena pareja con Jorge.
What sign is the best match for me?¿Qué signo es el que mejor me corresponde?
transitive verb
4. (to go with) 
He always makes sure that his belt matches his shoes.Él siempre asegura que su cinturón combine con sus zapatos.
5. (to equal) 
a. igualar 
I don't know if they'll be able to match last year's sales growth.No sé si podrán igualar el aumento en ventas del año pasado.
6. (to be in competition with) 
The four teams will match in the elimination round.Los cuatro equipos se enfrentarán en la ronda de eliminación.
7. (to pair) 
a. emparejar 
Match the sentences and the images.Empareja las frases y las imágenes.
intransitive verb
8. (to go with) 
a. combinar 
Your shoes and purse do not have to match.Tus zapatos y tu bolso no tienen que combinar.
1. (in sport) 
a. el partido (M) 
match pointpunto m de partido
2. (in design, ability) 
a. no direct translation 
they're a good matchpegan, combinan bien
to be no match for somebodyno ser rival para alguien
he had met his matchhabía encontrado la horma de su zapato
3. (marriage) 
a. no direct translation 
to make a good matchcasarse bien
transitive verb
4. (equal in quality, performance) 
a. igualar, llegar a la altura de 
5. (pair up) 
a. emparejar 
6. (of colors, clothes) 
a. pegar con, combinar con 
7. (of description, account) 
a. coincidir con 
we can't match their pricesno podemos igualar sus precios
to match somebody against somebodyenfrentar a alguien con alguien
match your skill against the expertsmide tu habilidad con los expertos
to be well matchedestar muy igualados(as)
to be a well-matched couplehacer buena pareja
intransitive verb
8. (colors, clothes) 
a. pegar con, combinar con 
9. (descriptions, stories) 
a. coincidir 
match [mætʃ]
1 especially (Britain) (Tennis) (Cricket) partido (m); (Ftbl) partido (m); encuentro (m); (Boxing) combate (m); (Fencing) asalto (m)
the referee had to stop the match after Wellington lost consciousness they won the match by an innings and 56 runs he was watching a football match their customary fifteen-minute seven-a-side practice match he lost to Newcombe in a five-set match a doubles match
boxing match combate (m) de boxeo
I went to a boxing match the other night it was the first ever televised boxing match they never tried to [make] a match of it let's [make] a match of it the Europeans will almost certainly have to score lower than par to make a match of it
2 (complement)
the skirt is a good match for the jumper la falda hace juego or queda bien con el jersey; I'm looking for a match for these curtains estoy buscando un color que haga juego con estas cortinas
take a scrap of fabric, if possible, to ensure a good color match Helen's choice of lipstick was a good match for her skin tone Moina was a perfect match for him
the two of them make or are a good match hacen una buena pareja
3 (equal)
to be a match/no match for sb estar/no estar a la altura de algn; he was more than a match for Paul venció fácilmente a Paul; he's a match for anybody puede competir con el más pintado; está a la altura del más pintado
he's no match for Paul their pistols were no match for heavy artillery he was no match for Tony Rizzoli's boxing skills
to meet one's match (in sb) encontrar la horma de su zapato (en algn)
she realized that in Eve Czerny she had met her match I had finally met my match in power and intellect maybe he thinks I'm like all the other girlfriends he's had but this time he's met his match the man of steel meets his match in a monster villain called Doomsday
4 (marriage) casamiento (m); matrimonio (m); (potential partner) partido (m)
he's a good match es un buen partido
he was adamant that a would-be actor was not a proper match for his daughter Carl was a completely unsuitable match for her it was a poor match for her, an excellent one for him
she made a good match se casó bien
her parents thought they had made a good match for their daughter
transitive verb
1 (pair off) emparejar
to be [evenly] matched the two sides were evenly matched they were pretty evenly matched when it came to getting their own way it's important that the children are evenly matched for ability
they're well matched [+couple] hacen buena pareja; the teams were well matched los equipos estaban muy igualados or eran muy parejos; especially (LAm) they match your skills with employers' requirements emparejan tus aptitudes con los requisitos de las empresas; the children were asked to match the pictures with the words se pidió a los niños que emparejaran las imágenes con las palabras
forensic scientists have matched a hair found at the scene with the suspect's
they matched fibres to the suspect's clothes encontraron fibras que se correspondían con la ropa del sospechoso
we will try to match you to employers with the vacancies you are looking for it can take time and effort to match buyers and sellers efforts to match demand with supply by building new schools
2 (equal) igualar
her performance would be hard to match su actuación sería difícil de igualar; I can match any offer puedo igualar cualquier oferta; for sheer cheek there's no one to match him en cuanto a cara dura no hay quien le iguale; the results did not match our expectations los resultados no estuvieron a la altura de nuestras expectativas
she doesn't match her sister in intelligence A doesn't quite match B in originality the reality doesn't match the dream they played some fine attacking football but I think we matched them in every department his record has never been matched to match sb's [offer]/[price]/[terms] he lowered his price so much that no one could match it without going bankrupt MCI either has to match the price cuts or look bad to its own customers his old employer agreed to match the terms offered by the rival company
3 (correspond to) ajustarse a; corresponder a
a man matching the police description un hombre que se ajustaba a or que correspondía a la descripción de la policía
his looks match his character her fingerprints didn't match the ones on the gun
4 (put in opposition to) enfrentar
to match sth/sb against sth/sb enfrentar algo/a algn a or con algo/algn; she matched her wits against his strength enfrentó or midió su ingenio con la fuerza de él; Scotland has been matched against France in the final Escocia se enfrentará a or con Francia en la final
he relished the chance to match his skills against theirs Lewis is matched against the WBO's heavyweight champion, Tommy Morrison to match [wits] with sb if you're the winner you can match wits with Will on the air I tried to match wits with Dominic and give him a reason to eat, but he was becoming more and more resistant over 650 school teams match wits and skills to solve problems in categories such as science, engineering, history, literature and art
5 (tone with) [+clothes, colours] combinar con; hacer juego con
his tie doesn't match his shirt I need some buttons to match this jacket your shoes match your dress you don't have to match your lipstick exactly to your outfit mix and match your tableware and textiles from the new Design House collection she wore a dress in a shade that matched her eyes
6 (also match up) (find sth similar to)
can you match (up) this material? (with sth exactly same) ¿puedes encontrar algo que iguale este tejido?; (with sth which goes well) ¿puedes encontrar algo que vaya bien con este tejido?
I'm trying to match (up) wools from the same dye lots
intransitive verb
1 (go together) [+colours] combinar bien; [+clothes] hacer juego
those colours don't match
I dyed the shoes to match teñí los zapatos para que hicieran juego; with a skirt to match con una falda a tono or que hace juego; he has a vicious tongue and a temper to match tiene una lengua viperina y un genio de mil demonios (informal)
all the chairs matched
2 (be the same) corresponderse; coincidir
the sale would only go ahead if the name and number matched if the figure matches with the target dividend declared in the paper you win or share the prize money
the Rangers v Celtic Cup result wouldn't count as the match ball had been too flat they are to urge Lord's to order umpires to inspect match balls at the end of each over the umpire ordered the match ball be changed
match point (n) (Tennis) bola (f) de partido; match point (m)
match report (n) informe (m) sobre el partido
/we have received a match report from the referee/ in which he makes reference to a mass confrontation involving players from both sides the space on my match report reserved for the conduct of players the umpires are concerned that their offical match report was altered
match [mætʃ]
(for lighting) fósforo (m); cerilla (f); cerillo (m); (Méx)
a box of matches una caja de fósforos or cerillas
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