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What Do "Adiós" and "Vaya con Dios" Mean in English?

What Do "Adiós" and "Vaya con Dios" Mean in English?

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Adiós.  = goodbye or bye

Vaya con Dios.  = go with God or may God be with you

While adiós is a very normal way to say goodbye to someone, vaya con Dios is normally only used in religious contexts or in very dramatic contexts, such as when someone says goodbye to someone who is about to go on a long, dangerous journey.

Ya me voy. - ¡Adiós! Qué te vaya bien.
I'm off. - Bye! Have a good time.
"Vaya con Dios," dijo el general al soldado con la misión secreta.
"Go with God," said the general to the soldier with the secret mission.
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