Dates in Spanish

Quick Answer

In Spanish dates, the day comes before the month.


Hoy es el dieciséis de agosto.
Today is August sixteenth.

How to Say the Date in Spanish

To say the date in Spanish, you first say the number corresponding to that day's date, then the month and the year. You've also got to throw an eland some des in there. Let's take a look at the formula for saying dates.

Formula for Saying the Date in Spanish

el + day + de + month (+ de + year)

Note: When giving the date for the current year, the year is often omitted.

You can also use delinstead of dewhen giving the year.

Here are some examples!

Hoy es el dos de enero de dos mil dieciocho.
Today is January second two thousand eighteen.
¿Cuál es la fecha de hoy? - Hoy es el quince de abril.
What's today's date? - Today is April fifteenth.
Mi hermano nació el ocho de febrero del mil novecientos ochenta y nueve.
My brother was born on February eighth nineteen eighty-nine.

When saying the number corresponding to the day in Spanish, you'll use cardinal numbers (Ex: dos, catorce, veintidós) except when talking about the first of the month. For this date, you'll use the ordinal number primero(first).

How to Write the Date in Spanish

There are two common ways to write the date in Spanish. The first way uses only numerals, while the second uses a mix of numerals and words. Let's take a look at how to write the date using each method!

Only Numerals

To write the date using only numerals, you'll write the numerals corresponding to the day first, followed by the month and the year.

Formula for Writing the Date with Numerals in Spanish


  • You may also come across Spanish numeral dates written YYYY/DD/MM. The important thing to remember is that the day always precedes the month in Spanish!
  • Much like in English, you can omit the "0" when writing one-digit days or months. You can also omit the first two digits of the year if writing the current year.

For example:

Date with Numerals in SpanishDate with Numerals in U.S. English
15/06/2017 o 15/6/201706/15/2017 or 6/15/2017
14/10/2017 o 14/10/1710/14/2017 or 10/14/17
04/12/1917 o 4/12/191712/04/1917 or 12/4/1917

U.K. vs U.S. English

In the U.K., dates tend to be written much as they are in Spanish: day + month + year.

For example:

U.K. EnglishU.S. EnglishSpanish
16 October 2018October 16, 201816 de octubre de 2018


When writing the date with numerals, you can also use dashes or periods instead of slashes.

  • 31/12/2017 = 31-12-2017 = 31.12.2017

Numerals and Words

To write the date using a combination of numerals and words, you'll use numerals for the day and year, and a word for the month.

Formula for Writing the Date with Numerals and Words in Spanish

numeral for the day + de + name of the month + de + numeral for the year

For example:

SpanishU.S. English
31 de diciembre de 2017December 31, 2017
1 de octubre del 2017October 1, 2017
22 de mayo de 2018May 22, 2018
17 de marzo del 1904March 17, 1904
3 de junio de 1984June 3, 1984

Keep in mind that months are not capitalized in Spanish!

  • 31 de diciembre de 2017
  • 31 de Diciembre de 2017

How to Write the Date in a Letter

When writing a letter, the date is most often written using a combination of numerals and words.


17 de agosto de 2017

Estimado Sr. Hernández,

You may also see the date written after the location of the letter sender, separated using a comma or the word a.


Mérida, Yucatán a 17 de agosto de 2017

Estimado Sr. Hernández,


Mérida, 17 de agosto de 2017

Estimado Sr. Hernández,

If you're going to talk about dates, you need to know your numbers. Think you know them all? Take a look at these resources to learn more about numbers in Spanish!