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The Difference Between "Echar" and "Hechar"

The Difference Between "Echar" and "Hechar"

Quick Answer

echar  = to throw, to put
hechar = Incorrect!

So what does hechar mean?

Nothing! Hechar is most likely an incorrect spelling of the very common and versatile Spanish verb echar, which can mean to throw, to put, to throw out, to pour, and much more!

Check out our dictionary entry for echar and learn about all the different ways this word can be translated!

Below we've compiled a list of the most common phrases you'll hear with echar:

echar la basura
to throw out the trash
echar a perder
to go to waste
echar una siesta
to take a nap
echar un vistazo
to have a look
echar de menos
to miss
echar una mano
to lend a hand
echar la culpa
to blame
echar al buzón
to mail
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