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Por favor vs. Porfavor

Por favor vs. Porfavor

Quick Answer

por favor = please
porfavor = Incorrect! There is always a space between these two words.

Diving deeper...

It looks like you may have gotten confused because another set of Spanish words that uses por can be written with or without a space:

  • por qué = why
  • porque = because

The presence or absence of a space between the words por and qué and the addition or subtraction of an accent on the e changes the meaning of this tricky pair.

Remember: por favor is always written as two separate words.

When to use por favor

The phrase por favor means please and is often used when asking for or requesting something. You’ll hear and say this word often, whether you’re ordering a meal at a restaurant or asking for help or directions, so it’s an important one to know!

Let’s take a look at how you can use por favor in an everyday situation.

Hola, ¿me puede decir dónde está el banco, por favor?
Hi, could you tell me where the bank is, please?
Claro que sí. El banco queda a dos cuadras de aquí. Camina derecho y lo verás a la izquierda.
Of course. The bank is two blocks from here. Walk straight ahead and you’ll see it on your left.
¡Muchas gracias!
Thank you very much!
De nada.
You’re welcome.

Did you notice how the tourist replied when the local gave her directions to the bank? She said muchas gracias, which means thank you very much. The local then replied de nada, or you’re welcome. These common Spanish phrases will help you sound polite when asking and thanking, so it’s a good idea to learn them!