How to Say "Good Morning" and "Good Night" in Spanish

Quick Answer

Good morning. = Buenos días.

Good afternoon. = Buenas tardes.

Good night./Good evening. = Buenas noches.

Although good night is considered a farewell in English, buenas noches is used as both a farewell and a greeting in Spanish. This means that buenas noches is the translation for both good evening and good night.

Check out some examples below of how to use these useful phrases in Spanish.

Buenos días, señor. ¿Quiere desayunar?
Good morning, sir. Would you like some breakfast?
Buenas tardes, señora. - Buenas tardes.
Good afternoon, ma'am. - Good afternoon.
Buenas noches. ¿Tienen reservación?
Good evening. Do you have a reservation?
Buenas noches, mamá. - Que descanses, hijo.
Good night, Mom. - Sleep well, son.