"Good Evening" in Spanish

Quick Answer

Good evening in Spanish can be buenas tardesor buenas noches, depending on the time of day. Read on to learn how and when to say good evening in Spanish.

Good Evening in Spanish: Buenas Tardes

When is good evening in Spanish buenas tardes? You will use this phrase before dark.

¡Buenas tardes! ¡Llegaste justo a tiempo para ver las noticias de las 5 pm!
Good evening! You got here just in time for the 5 o'clock news!
¡Buenas tardes! - Una mesa para dos, por favor.
Good evening! - A table for two, please.

buenas tardes 2

But, isn’t buenas tardes also good afternoon? Yes, it is! Buenas tardes is used as from noon until sunset! Check out this example:


¡Buenas tardes! - ¡Buenas tardes! ¿Ya terminaste de almorzar?
Good afternoon! - Good afternoon! Did you already finish lunch?

Good Evening in Spanish: Buenas Noches

And when is good evening in Spanish buenas noches? You will use this phrase after dark.

¡Buenas noches, señoras y señores! ¡Esta noche compartiremos un espectáculo sensacional!
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Tonight, we’ll share an awesome show!
¡Buenas noches! ¿Qué tienen hoy para cenar?
Good evening! What do you have tonight for dinner?

buenas tardes 2

Again, isn’t buenas noches good night? Take a look at this example:


¡Buenas noches, mamá! - ¡Buenas noches, querida! ¡Que duermas bien!
Good night, Mom! - Good night, sweetheart! Sleep tight!

Spanish adjectives have to match the nouns they describe in gender and number. But what about noche and tarde? When nouns end in e, it’s sometimes difficult to tell if they are feminine or masculine. Take a look at this list for some examples:

el elefanteelephant
la fuentefountain
la gentepeople
el horizontehorizon
la mentemind
la nochenight, evening
la serpientesnake
la tardeafternoon, evening

So, remember that we say:

Buenas tardes.(Good evening./Good afternoon.)

Buenos tardes.

Buenas noches.(Good evening./Good night.)

Buenos noches.

Now that you know how to say good evening in Spanish, keep reading to learn more about other greetings. And buenas tardes!