you're cute

And I think she thinks you're cute.
Y creo que le gustás.
Now you're cute, but you need to go the distance.
Ahora eres linda, pero tienes que ver a la distancia.
I think you're cute, but it would never go anywhere.
Pienso que eres guapo, pero nunca iríamos a ningún lado.
Well, the point is, my friend thinks you're cute.
Bueno, el punto es que mi amigo cree que eres linda.
Unless you're cute and drive a nice car.
A menos que seas guapo y conduzcas un coche bonito.
In other words, you're cute, but not that cute.
En otras palabras, que eres linda, pero no tanto.
Yeah, you're cute and I love the way you write.
Sí, usted es guapo y me gusta mucho cómo escribe.
But he did it because he thinks you're cute!
¡Pero lo hizo porque cree que eres linda!
Why would she tell Sloan she thinks you're cute?
¿Por qué le diría a Sloan que cree que eres lindo?
John, she wants to go out, says you're cute.
John, quiere salir, dice que eres guapo.
She said she thinks you're cute and don't ask me why.
Dijo que le pareces lindo, y no me preguntes por qué.
Now you're cute, but you need to go the distance.
Eres bonita, pero tienes que hacer el esfuerzo.
I mean, you're cute, but this is not happening.
Quiero decir, eres lindo, pero esto no sucedera.
He said you're cute for a thief.
Ha dicho que eres guapo para ser un ladrón.
You know, Myra, some people might think you're cute.
Sabes, Myra, quizá algunos piensan que eres linda.
And you're cute, but you just don't have that "it" factor.
Y eres linda, pero no tienes "eso" que se necesita.
And you're cute in the moonlight.
Y eres lindo a la luz de la luna.
I mean, you're cute in a different way now.
Digo, eres lindo de otra forma ahora.
You know, you're cute when you think you're right.
Sabes, eres guapa, cuando crees que tienes la razón.
And you're cute in the moonlight.
Y tu eres bello a la luz de la luna.
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