toda mi familia

Antes de la guerra, toda mi familia vivía en Lodz.
Before the war, my whole family lived in Lodz.
La fuerza de toda mi familia está con nosotros.
The strength of my entire family is with us.
Me sentí amada por toda mi familia y mis vecinos.
I felt loved by my entire family and my neighbors.
Y esta vez arrastré a toda mi familia en esto.
And this time I dragged my whole family into it.
Y toda mi familia, fue para asistir a la boda.
And my entire family left to attend the wedding.
La verdad es que toda mi familia tiene un corazón inconstante.
The truth is my whole family has an unsteady heart.
Mira, toda mi familia está en problemas por tu culpa.
Look... my entire family is in trouble because of you.
Y toda mi familia estaba orgullosa de mí.
And all my family was proud of me.
Díganselo a mi padre y a toda mi familia.
Tell it to my father and to all my family.
¿Planeas poner a toda mi familia tras las rejas?
Are you planning to put my entire family behind bars?
Yo no tengo el poder de sacrificar a toda mi familia.
I didn't have the power to sacrifice my entire family.
La última vez, en el Holocausto, perdí a toda mi familia.
Last time, in the Holocaust, I lost my entire family.
Mira, toda mi familia está en problemas por tu culpa. entire family is in trouble because of you.
Gano bastante dinero para mantener a toda mi familia.
I make enough money to provide for my entire family.
Sentado en la mesa con la cena y toda mi familia.
Sat around the dinner table with all of my family.
Perdí a toda mi familia durante la larga marcha.
I lost my entire family during the long march.
He visto a toda mi familia arder en la hoguera.
I saw my entire family burned at the stake.
Y toda mi familia ha sufrido por ello.
And my whole family has suffered for it.
Por lo que yo sabía, toda mi familia había muerto.
As far as I knew, my entire family was gone.
Mape entrevistó a toda mi familia sobre mi juventud.
Mape interviewed my whole family about my youth.
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