my whole family

Before the war, my whole family lived in Lodz.
Antes de la guerra, toda mi familia vivía en Lodz.
And this time I dragged my whole family into it.
Y esta vez arrastré a toda mi familia en esto.
The truth is my whole family has an unsteady heart.
La verdad es que toda mi familia tiene un corazón inconstante.
And my whole family has suffered for it.
Y toda mi familia ha sufrido por ello.
Mape interviewed my whole family about my youth.
Mape entrevistó a toda mi familia sobre mi juventud.
Yeah, my whole family was a Taft family.
Sí, toda mi familia era una familia Taft.
Yeah, my whole family was a Taft family.
Sí, toda mi familia era una familia Taft.
I think my whole family is in danger.
Pienso que toda mi familia está en peligro.
Without shame, in front of my whole family.
Sin pudor, delante de toda mi familia.
Every Sunday I make dinner for my whole family.
Todos los domingos preparo la comida para toda mi familia.
I need a new job, which can to live my whole family.
Necesito un nuevo trabajo, que pueda solventar a toda mi familia.
I moved my whole family here for this.
Mudé a toda mi familia aquí por esto.
Because I have seen my whole family being slaughtered.
Porque he visto a mi familia masacrada.
I lost my whole family to savage Tangs.
Perdí a toda mi familia por los salvajes Tang.
Well, I guess I'd like my whole family to do something together.
Bien, Yo quisiera que toda mi familia hiciera algo junta.
I have my whole family here tonight.
Tengo a toda mi familia aquí esta noche.
You see, my whole family is very interested in science.
Toda mi familia se interesa por la ciencia.
Oh, and my whole family will be there, so no pressure.
Oh, y toda mi familia estará allí, así que no se sientan presionados.
Caldwell: This year I decided to bring my whole family.
Este año decidí traer a toda mi familia.
You invite my whole family, and not me?
¿Invitaste a toda mi familia, menos a mí?
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