No te repites tanto.
You're not repeating yourself so much.
¿No te repites un poco?
Aren't you a broken record?
¿Esa es la historia que te repites a ti misma?
Oh, is that the story you're telling yourself?
¿Eso es lo que te repites en la mañana?
So that's what you tell yourself every morning?
Un cuento de hadas que te repites para tranquilizarte en la oscuridad.
A fairytale you've told yourself to calm you in the dark.
¿Te has dado cuenta que te repites cuando intentas impresionar a alguien?
You realize you repeat yourself when you're trying to impress someone?
¿Es algo que te repites?
Is that something you tell yourself?
Ahora el que te repites eres tú.
Now you are repeating yourself.
Hace años que te repites eso.
You have called yourself that for years.
¿No crees que te repites?
Aren't you repeating yourself?
Si te repites a ti misma que no vas a ser nada no serás nada.
You keep telling yourself you're going to be nothing, you will in fact be nothing.
Tú también te repites.
It's the same old song from you.
Te repites eso, pero no lo crees.
You keep telling yourself that, but you don't believe it.
Te repites que no te está pasando a ti.
You tell yourself... these things aren't happening' to you.
Te repites más que ella.
You've repeated yourself more than her.
Te repites mucho últimamente.
You seem to say that a lot lately.
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