ojalá estuviera aquí

Bueno, ojalá estuviera aquí en una visita social.
Well, I wish I was here on a social... visit.
Puedes no creerme pero de verdad, ojalá estuviera aquí solo.
You may not believe me but I, truly wish I were here alone.
En fin, ojalá estuviera aquí ahora.
Anyway, wish he was here now.
Oh, ojalá estuviera aquí.
Oh, I wish he were here:
Ella no, pero mi hijo... ojalá estuviera aquí.
I'd like my son here, not her.
Es normal que pienses que ojalá estuviera aquí él y no yo.
It's only natural that you wish he were here instead of me. Don't you?
¿Tia Olga no vino contigo? - No. No pudo venir, ¡pero ojalá estuviera aquí para ver lo mucho que has crecido!
Aunt Olga didn't come with you? - No. She couldn't come, but I wish she were here to see how much you've grown!
Ojalá estuviera aquí para compartir esto con nosotros.
I wish he were here now to share these with us.
Ojalá estuviera aquí para saber lo que necesita.
I wish he was here to say what he needs.
Ojalá estuviera aquí para que comprartiéramos este momento.
I wish that he were here to share the moment.
Ojalá estuviera aquí para decirlo en persona.
I just wish he was here to say it in person.
Ojalá estuviera aquí para limpiar todo esto.
I wish she was here to clean up all this stuff.
Ojalá estuviera aquí para veros jugar.
I wish he was here to see you guys play.
Ojalá estuviera aquí para ver esto.
And I wish he were here now to see this.
Ojalá estuviera aquí, pero no está.
I wish he were here, but he's not.
Ojalá estuviera aquí para veros jugar.
I wish he was here to see you guys play
Ojalá estuviera aquí con nosotros ahora.
Would that he were here with us now.
Ojalá estuviera aquí para ayudarme.
I just wish she was here to help me.
Ojalá estuviera aquí para verla.
I just wish that he was here to see her.
Ojalá estuviera aquí, porque a ella se le ocurren buenos proyectos.
I wish she'd get here, 'cause she thinks of great science projects.
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