keep going

We have to keep going, with or without my company.
Tenemos que continuar, con o sin mi compañía.
If the hands don't move keep going with the fingers.
Si las manos no se mueven avanza con los dedos.
And you keep going until you're far away from here.
Y no te detengas hasta que estés lejos de aquí.
I could keep going until the end of the line.
Podría seguir hasta el final de la línea.
I just don't want to keep going over this, okay?
Y solo que no quiero seguir con esto, ¿de acuerdo?
This speech gave the protestors the momentum to keep going.
Este discurso le dio a los manifestantes el impulso de seguir.
Well, let's just keep going and see what happens.
Bueno, vamos a seguir y a ver qué pasa.
Francesca, I don't know if you have the intelligence to keep going.
Francesca, no sé si tienes la inteligencia para continuar.
It'll be pretty uncomfortable if things keep going like this.
Será muy incómodo si las cosas continúan así.
I'm saying I'll give you the money to keep going.
Estoy diciendo que te daré el dinero para que sigas.
As the state's paying for your education, you should keep going.
Como el estado paga tu educación, debes continuar ahí.
This speech is wonderful, so please keep going.
Este discurso es maravilloso, así que sigue por favor.
One has to prepare its destiny to keep going.
Uno tiene que preparar su destino para continuar.
We'll keep going, and report this when we get out of here.
Vamos a seguir y reportaremos esto cuando salgamos de aquí.
It wouldn't be fair to you, the fan, to keep going.
No sería justo para ti, el fan, que continuara.
I can't believe how things keep going our way.
No puedo creer cómo las cosas salen a nuestro favor.
I don't understand why we have to keep going over this.
No entiendo por qué tenemos que seguir repitiendo esto.
You keep going down this path, at this rate, not long.
Si sigues por este camino, a este ritmo, no mucho.
You keep going with this, they're gonna come for you, Kate.
Si continúas con esto, ellos vendrán por ti, Kate.
Just keep going straight and you have to hit land.
Solo tienes que seguir derecho y llegarás a tierra firme.
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