Este tiempo de dificultad será duro y descorazonador para muchos.
This time of difficulty will be trying and disheartening to many.
Jari-Matti Latvala se reenganchó hoy tras su descorazonador abandono de anoche.
Jari-Matti Latvala restarted today following his heartbreaking retirement last night.
Ha sido realmente frustrante, desengañador, descorazonador y deprimente.
It has been really frustrating, disappointing, disheartening, and depressing.
Fue aún más descorazonador ver a mi papá así.
It was even more heartbreaking for me to watch my dad.
He vivido el día más descorazonador de toda la guerra.
I have lived through the most disheartening day of the whole war.
Es descorazonador saber que te han mentido.
It is heartbreaking to know that you have been lied to.
Es descorazonador para los examinadores observar esto en los exámenes.
This is heartbreaking for Examiners to witness in examinations.
Esto, por decir lo menos, es descorazonador.
This, to say the least, is disheartening.
Por momentos el ritual todo del análisis le resulta profundamente descorazonador.
The entire ritual of the analysis seems at times profoundly dispiriting.
Y luego, en un momento descorazonador, desaparece.
And then, in one heartbreaking moment, it's gone.
Esto es tan descorazonador para mí.
This is so disheartening to me.
Ahora tengo que verla cada día en el trabajo, lo cual es descorazonador.
Now I have to see her every day at work, which is brutal.
Todo esto era desalentador e incluso descorazonador.
And all this was discouraging, even disheartening.
Y eso es, en realidad, un poco descorazonador.
And that's a bit of a heartbreaker, actually.
Fuera de este malestar global el flujo de estadísticas verdaderamente impactantes es totalmente descorazonador.
Out of this global malaise the flow of truly shocking statistics is quite disheartening.
Ahora, todo lo que les he contado es descorazonador, lo admito.
Now, everything I've been telling you, I admit, is pretty disheartening.
Era un pensamiento descorazonador.
It was a disheartening thought.
De hecho, lo veo descorazonador.
In fact, I find it a little heartbreaking.
Sin embargo, perder esta carpeta puede ser descorazonador para los usuarios, ya que contiene numerosos archivos.
However, losing this folder can become heartbreak for users as it holds numerous files.
Era muy descorazonador, pero no podía evitar pensar que se lo tenía merecido.
It was very disheartening, but she could not help but think that she deserved it.
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