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Imperfect subjunctiveconjugation ofconvertir.
Imperfect subjunctivevosconjugation ofconvertir.


Es como si te convirtieras en una pequeña parte del mundo.
It's like you turn into a little part of the world.
¿Crees que Jessica hubiera querido que te convirtieras en esto?
You think Jess would want you to turn into this?
Me sorprende que no lo convirtieras en un caracol.
Surprised you didn't turn him into a snail.
En cualquier caso, fuiste vendida aquí para que te convirtieras en gisaeng.
In any case, you were sold here to become a gisaeng.
No puedo creer que convirtieras esta situación en una jugada política.
I can't believe you turned this situation into a political sideshow.
¡Te dije que te convirtieras en maestro de escuela rural!
I told you to become a teacher in the countryside!
Es como si te convirtieras en todo mi mundo.
It's like you've become my entire world.
No puedo creer que te convirtieras en una granjera.
I can't believe that... That you've become a farmer.
Cada vez que aparece, es como si te convirtieras en una persona diferente.
Every time he comes around, it's like you turn into a different person.
Si te convirtieras en uno de nosotros, condenarías tu alma eternamente.
If you were to become one of us, you'd be condemning your soul for eternity.
Nunca quise que te convirtieras en esto.
I never meant to turn you into this.
Es como si te convirtieras en tu...
It's like you turn into your...
Así que no huyas de quién hizo que te convirtieras en un criminal.
So don't run from who you've become, felon.
Siempre quiso que tú te convirtieras en un maestro... para reemplazarlo a él.
He always wanted you to become a teacher... to take over for him.
Aunque convirtieras mi cabeza en pulpa, sería más listo que tú.
Even if you beat my head into pulp, I'd still be smarter than you.
Si, pero no te dije que lo convirtieras en un paseo familiar.
Yeah, but I didn't tell you to turn it into a family field trip.
Toda tu vida, intenté prepararte para cuando te convirtieras en rey.
Your whole life, I tried to prepare you for the day you would become King.
Quería que te convirtieras en mi discípulo.
I want to make you my student.
Debo decir que me sorprende que te convirtieras en una ciudadana respetable.
I'm a little surprised you turned out to be such an upstanding citizen.
Sabes, ¿esta es la persona en que mamá hubiera querido que te convirtieras?
You know, is this the person you think Mom would have wanted you to become?
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