The word convertiste is the preterite form of convertir in the second person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Y al final, te convertiste exactamente en lo que odiabas.
And in the end, you became exactly what you hated.
Pero no te convertiste parte de un equipo, ¿verdad?
But you didn't become part of a team, did you?
Al menos nunca tuvo que ver en qué te convertiste.
At least she never had to see what you became.
Los convertiste en nada más que un mensaje en una botella.
Made them nothing more than a message in a bottle.
Tomaste mi vida, y la convertiste en una pesadilla.
You took my life, and you turned it into a nightmare.
¿Te das cuenta que convertiste al hombre en un monumento?
Do you realize that you turned a man for a monument?
Debes estar orgulloso del hombre en que te convertiste.
You should be proud of the man you have become.
Papá, estoy impresionada te convertiste en un árbitro mucho mejor.
Dad, I'm impressed! You've become a much better referee.
¿Por qué convertiste mi habitación en una oficina?
Why did you turn my room into an office?
Tal vez te convertiste en orgulloso y este es tu castigo.
Perhaps you've gotten prideful... and this is your punishment.
Es un reflejo de en qué me convertiste.
This is a reflection of what you turned me into.
Porque no entendemos cómo te convertiste en él.
Because we just don't understand how you turned into him.
Te convertiste en una estrella de los medios occidentales.
You have become a star for the western media.
Sí, y tal vez te convertiste en una pantera hombre lobo.
Yeah, and maybe turned into a werewolf panther.
Eso era una victoria que convertiste en una pérdida.
That was a win that you just turned into a loss.
No me digas que de pronto te convertiste en una persona romántica
Don't you tell me suddenly you've become a romantic person
¿Por qué no convertiste estos en los otros?
Why didn't you turn these in with the other ones?
Cuando no tenía nada, me convertiste en tu socia.
When I had nothing, you made me your partner.
Eso era una victoria que convertiste en una pérdida.
That was a win that you just turned into a loss.
Me convertiste en una marioneta y nunca dijiste una palabra.
You turned me into a puppet... and you never said a word.
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