coffee with milk

No, these were for coffee with milk.
No, eran para el café.
I like coffee with milk.
A mí me gusta.
Feline, bring me a cup of very hot coffee with milk.
Felino, tráeme un vaso de café muy caliente con leche.
My grandparents never liked coffee with milk.
A mis abuelos nunca les gustaba café con leche.
I prefer coffee with milk.
Prefiero el café con leche.
I have toast and coffee with milk for breakfast every day.
Yo desayuno tostadas y café con leche todos los días.
We ate the honey fritters with coffee with milk.
Comimos los melindres con café con leche.
I drink my coffee with milk and sugar.
Tomo mi café con leche y azúcar.
Get me a large coffee with milk, please.
Pídeme un café con leche doble, por favor.
I usually have a coffee with milk and a croissant for breakfast.
Suelo desayunar un café con leche y un cachito.
I know you drink your coffee with milk, but we're all out.
Sé que tomas tu café con leche, pero ya no nos queda.
I always drink coffee with milk.
Yo siempre bebo café con leche.
What would you like, sir? - A coffee with milk, please.
¿Qué le pongo, señor? - Un café con leche, por favor.
Do you drink coffee with milk and sugar? - No, I prefer it plain.
¿Tomas café con leche y azúcar? - No, lo prefiero solo.
What can I get for you? - I would like coffee with milk, please.
¿Qué le pongo? - Me gustaría un café con leche por favor.
What do you usually have for breakfast? - A coffee with milk and a croissant.
¿Qué comes en el desayuno normalmente? - Café con leche y croissant.
Good afternoon! How can I help you? - A coffee with milk, please.
¡Buenas tardes! ¿Qué desea? - Un café con leche, por favor.
Can you bring me a coffee with milk, please? - Same thing for me, please.
¿Me puede traer un café con leche? - Lo mismo para mí, por favor.
Are you ready to order? - Yes, can I have a coffee with milk and a croissant, please?
¿Está lista para ordenar? - Sí, tráigame un café con leche y una media luna, por favor.
When you go to the café, what do you usually have? - A coffee with milk and a croissant.
Cuando vas a la cafetería, ¿qué sueles tomar? - Un café con leche y un curasán.
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