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Preteriteconjugation ofapartar.
Preteritevosconjugation ofapartar.


Me apartaste de mi vida, eso no es bueno.
You cut me off from my life, that's not good.
En una noche, me apartaste de todas las religiones.
In one night, you turned me away from all religions.
Era mi mundo y lo apartaste de mí.
He was my world and you took him from me.
apartaste a Jacques de mí, como mi hermano.
You took Jacques from me, just like my brother.
¿No sabes si apartaste a los padres de Amy?
You don't know if you waived Amy's parents off?
Supuestamente eras mi amigo, y me apartaste.
You were supposedly my friend, and you blew me off.
Era mi hermanita, y la apartaste de mí.
It was my baby sister, and you took her away from me.
¿Desde cuándo te apartaste de los pobres?
Since when you got excluded from the poor?
¿Recuerdas lo que me dijiste cuando apartaste a Bob?
Do you remember what you told me when you put Bob away?
Tú la apartaste para poder estar con él.
You pushed her away so that you could be with him.
Te diste el gusto, como un macho cabrío y te apartaste.
You've done your wrong, like a lecher, and keep aside.
Entonces, ¿por qué te apartaste cuando te toqué?
Then why did you flinch when I touched you?
Te apartaste del mundo mientras el resto de nosotros vive en él.
You stand apart from the world while the rest of us live in it.
Sí, y te apartaste de tu familia.
Yeah, well, you took a break from your family.
El hecho es que tú te apartaste.
The fact is that you fell away.
Me obligaste a darte una lección porque te apartaste de mí.
You forced me to teach you a lesson because you turned away from me.
Sí, y tu querias estar con Lauren, así que me apartaste.
And you want to be with Lauren so you scared me off.
Me apartaste de todos mis casos.
You took me off all of my cases.
No te apartaste del sol por pereza.
You were too lazy to move out of the sun.
¿Por qué apartaste la vista del camino?
Why did you take your eyes off the road to sing?
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