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Preteriteyoconjugation ofapartar.
See the entry foraparte.
Subjunctiveyoconjugation ofapartar.


Cuando la policía pidió tu ropa, aparté esto.
When the police asked for your clothes, I tucked this away.
Solo aparté los ojos de Lily, como, un segundo.
I only took my eyes off Lily, like, for a second.
No la aparté desde que recibí el primer mensaje.
It hasn't left since I got that first message.
Y me aparté seis semanas, pero debemos hablar ahora.
And I backed off for six weeks, but... we need to talk now.
Me aparté porque supe que querías que me detuviera.
I pulled away because I knew you wanted to stop.
Me aparté durante muchos años de esa sombra.
For many years, I kept myself apart from that shadow.
¡Le aparté el cabello, y no tiene cara!
I brushed her hair aside, she doesn't have a face!
Pero nunca, hermanito, te aparté de mi mente.
But never, my dear brother, were you out of my mind.
Solo me aparté un instante y ya no estaba.
I just walked away for one moment and she was gone.
Quizá aparté aquel dólar del camino de alguien que lo necesitaba.
Maybe I removed that dollar from the path of someone who needed it.
Me aparté de las redes sociales cuando estaba en Maine.
I kind of backed off social media when I was in Maine.
Guardé su camino, y no me aparté.
I have kept his way, and not turned aside.
Tú me besaste, yo te aparté y entonces te marchaste.
You kissed me, and I pushed you off and then you left.
Las cosas se complicaron y lo aparté de mí.
But things got wrong, and I grew apart from him.
Sabía la edad de Rachel, y no me aparté.
I knew how old Rachel was, and I didn't walk away.
La última vez que te escuché, aparté mis ojos del premio.
Last time I listened to you, I took my eyes off the prize.
Por mucho tiempo, solo aparté la vista.
For so long, I've just looked the other way.
Intentó besarme y lo aparté.
He tries to kiss me and I pushed him away.
Me aparté de este asunto total y expresamente.
I stepped aside completely and demonstratively from this affair.
No me aparté un paso de ella.
I didn't move a step from her.
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