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Listen to an audio pronunciation
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"Expirar" is an intransitive verb which is often translated as "to expire", and "vencer" is a transitive verb which is often translated as "to defeat". Learn more about the difference between "expirar" and "vencer" below.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
1. (to end)
a. to expire
Mañana expira el plazo de presentación de solicitudes.The application submission period expires tomorrow.
2. (to die)
a. to expire
Expiró hace tan solo unos minutos, tras varias horas de agonía.He expired only a few minutes ago, after several hours of death throes.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
1. (to vanquish)
a. to defeat
Harry venció a Lord Voldemort utilizando las tres reliquias de la muerte.Harry defeated Lord Voldemort using all three of the deathly hallows.
b. to beat
Tienes que desarrollar tu juego de apertura para vencer a un maestro de ajedrez.You must develop your opening game to beat a chess master.
c. to conquer
Como dijo Julio César: "Vine, vi y vencí".Like Julius Caesar said: "I came, I saw, and I conquered."
2. (to control feelings or fear)
a. to overcome
Vencí mi cansancio para quedarme despierta hasta la medianoche.I overcame my sleepiness to stay awake until midnight.
b. to conquer
Saltó del avión para vencer su miedo de las alturas.He jumped out of the plane to conquer his fear of heights.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
3. (to triumph)
a. to win
¡Juntos venceremos la Copa Mundial!Together we will win the World Cup!
b. to be victorious
"¡Venceremos!", gritaron los soldados al asaltar el campo de batalla."We will be victorious!", shouted the soldiers as they stormed the battlefield.
4. (to cease to be valid)
a. to expire
Mi pasaporte vence el año que viene.My passport expires next year.
A pronominal verb always uses a reflexive pronoun. (e.g. Te ves cansado.).
5. (to collapse)
a. to give way
Esta viga se está venciendo bajo el peso del edificio.This beam is giving way under the weight of the building.
6. (to cease to be valid)
a. to expire
Mi licencia se vence este fin de semana así que mañana voy para renovarlo. My license expires this weekend so tomorrow I'm going in to renew it.
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