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Listen to an audio pronunciation
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"El" is a definite article which is often translated as "the", and "taxista" is a noun which is often translated as "taxi driver". Learn more about the difference between "el" and "taxista" below.
A definite article is a word that identifies a noun as as specific or known to the speaker (e.g. the girl).
1. (general)
a. the
El gato está en el tejado.The cat is on the roof.
El teléfono estaba encima de la mesa.The telephone was on top of the table.
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el taxista, la taxista(
This means that the noun can be masculine or feminine, depending on the gender of person it refers to (e.g. el doctor, la doctora).
1. (driver)
a. taxi driver
Al taxista le gusta hablar con los turistas y compartir información sobre su ciudad.The taxi driver enjoys talking with tourists and sharing information about his city.
b. cab driver
Regionalism used in the United States
(United States)
El taxista bebe mucho café cuando trabaja durante el turno de noche.The cab driver drinks a lot of coffee when he works the night shift.
c. cabbie
A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech (e.g. skinny, grandma).
(United Kingdom)
¡Este taxista conduce demasiado rápido!This cabbie drives too fast!
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