Listen to an audio pronunciation
Listen to an audio pronunciation
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"El" is a definite article which is often translated as "the", and "peor" is an adjective which is often translated as "worse". Learn more about the difference between "el" and "peor" below.
A definite article is a word that identifies a noun as as specific or known to the speaker (e.g. the girl).
1. (general)
a. the
El gato está en el tejado.The cat is on the roof.
El teléfono estaba encima de la mesa.The telephone was on top of the table.
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An adjective is a word that describes a noun (e.g. the big dog).
1. (bad)
a. worse (comparative)
Este sistema operativo es peor que el anterior.This operating system is worse than the previous one.
b. worst (superlative)
Es el peor libro que he leído últimamente.It's the worst book I've read lately.
An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired).
2. (badly)
a. worse
Desde que uso esos auriculares, cada día oigo peor.Since I started using those headphones, I hear worse every day.
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