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"Desde que" is a conjunction which is often translated as "since", and "contenerse" is a pronominal verb which is often translated as "to restrain oneself". Learn more about the difference between "desde que" and "contenerse" below.
desde que(
A conjunction is a word that connects words, phrases, clauses, or sentences (e.g. The cat and the dog slept.).
1. (general)
a. since
No lo he vuelto a ver desde que cambió de trabajo.I haven't seen him since he changed jobs.
b. ever since
Desde que Sarita aprendió a coser, ha hecho toda la ropa de sus hijos.Ever since Sarita learned how to sew, she has made all of her children's clothes.
c. from the moment
No para de llorar desde que se levanta hasta que se acuesta.He doesn't stop crying from the moment he gets up to the moment he goes to bed.
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A pronominal verb always uses a reflexive pronoun. (e.g. Te ves cansado.).
1. (to control one's impulses)
a. to restrain oneself
Por favor, conténganse. Están en un museo, no en un parque de diversiones.Please restrain yourselves. You're in a museum, not an amusement park.
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
2. (to enclose)
a. to contain
La bolsa contiene tres onzas de chocolate.The bag contains three ounces of chocolate.
3. (to repress)
a. to restrain
Las fuerzas de la OTAN tratan de contener el avance ruso en Ucrania.NATO forces attempt to restrain the Russian advance into Ukraine.
b. to hold back
Intenté contener mis lágrimas.I tried to hold back my tears.
c. to check
Los médicos esperan contener la propagación del ébola.Doctors hope to check the spread of Ebola.
d. to curb
Los analistas aconsejan a los inversionistas que contengan sus expectativas este año.Analysts advise investors to curb their expectations this year.
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