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barco ( bahr'-koh )

noun ( boat, ship )


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There are many native English speakers here, most of us can offer great suggestions to the English sentences. I will do my best to go through them all, too. For the Spanish sentences, edit your posts according to the native Spanish speaker's suggestions. Use today's Word of the Day in your own Spanish sentence (and include the English translation as well). Try to use the word in a completely new way and vote on the sentences you like best. The winner will be chosen based upon the correct use of the word as well as the number of votes.

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Write sentences at least 5 words long, but don't write a paragraph either. Write your Spanish sentence, but include the English translation as well. Make the corrections suggested by other users and moderators in the comments section (try not to use personal pronouns unless absolutely necessary). Use your own words! (Don't use a translator, copy from a book, use song lyrics, etc.) Please keep political, religious or personal statements to a minimum. This is a practice game.

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1. Si hace buen tiempo este fin de semana, quizá saquemos el barco en el lago.

If the weather is good this weekend, maybe we'll take the boat out on the lake.

2. Los barcos de los vikingos que se usaron para cruzar el Atlántico se conocían como "knarrs".

The viking ships that were used to cross the Atlantic were known as "knarrs."

enter image description here

updated MAY 26, 2015
posted by rac1
Buena foto. Gracias :) - Raja-jani, MAY 20, 2015
Good morning, Ambette ♥. I'm going back to bed. I got a cold or allergies :( - Sassette, MAY 20, 2015
I've got to get my boat ready soon. Gracias princessa :-)! - Jraider, MAY 20, 2015
Thank you all. Have a good day. :):):) - rac1, MAY 20, 2015

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Mis antepasados venían en Ellis Island por barco en el principio del siglo XX.

My ancestors came into Ellis Island by ship in the beginning of the 20th century.

enter image description here

updated MAY 26, 2015
posted by quantifier
So did mine! :) My great grandparents moved to the US from Czechoslovakia and they never learned to speak English. - Findy, MAY 20, 2015
That is so cool. Mine were already here. :) - rac1, MAY 20, 2015
Mine came up through Mexico :-)! - Jraider, MAY 20, 2015
¡Mío también! - jrschenk, MAY 20, 2015

Fue botada en 1797, el USS Constitution es el barco de guerra más antiguo que aún se encuentra en activo y a flote en todo el mundo. Su apodo es "viejos lados de hierro" porque las balas de cañón del enemigo rebotan los lados rebotaban del casco del barco durante la guerra de 1812.

Launched in 1797, the USS Constitution is the oldest war ship that is still active and afloat in the world. Her nickname is "Old Ironsides" because the enemy cannon balls bounce off the sides of the ship during the war of 1812.

USS Constitution

Famous Old Ironsides poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

updated MAY 21, 2015
edited by jrschenk
posted by jrschenk
is it "balas" or "bolas"? I really don't know, I'm just asking :) The artwork is beautiful by the way. - Sassette, MAY 20, 2015
Great post. Between you and Falda, I'm remembering my history. :) The artwork is beautiful. - rac1, MAY 20, 2015
Jrschenk: Nice sentence. I have a question for a native speaker. Would it be OK to start this sentence with the past participle = botada? Or "Haber sido botadä" (Having been launched) Which of these three (including "fue botada") would be the most common? - DilKen, MAY 20, 2015
SameNativeSpeaker: I really wanted to say that cannon balls bounced off the hull (as opposed to sides) but I didn't know how. - jrschenk, MAY 20, 2015
Maybe they should have called it " Old Dented Sides". :-)))!!!!! - Jraider, MAY 20, 2015
It is Ok to start a sentence with a past participle, that actually functions as an adjective. - LuisCache, MAY 20, 2015
In this case: Botado en 1797... You don't need to say: Fue botado en 1797... - LuisCache, MAY 20, 2015
cannon balls, balas de cañón - LuisCache, MAY 20, 2015
Las balas de cañón rebotaban del casco del barco (the hull of the boat) - LuisCache, MAY 20, 2015
Old Ironsides, El viejo acorazado, from acorazar, acorazar. (De coraza). 1. tr. Revestir con planchas de hierro o acero buques de guerra, fortificaciones u otras cosas. - LuisCache, MAY 20, 2015
Great post, jrschenk! - LuisCache, MAY 20, 2015
Muchísimas gracias a todos mis amigos aquí. Voy a hacer las modificaciones sugeridas más tarde (estoy con clientes ahora). - jrschenk, MAY 20, 2015

Hay un dicho en inglés que es "cuando mi barcocolor> llegue" que significa "cuando yo sea rico" o "cuando yo tenga mucho dinero". Esta frase es utilizada de esta manera: "cuando mi barcocolor> llegue, compraré una muy gran casa muy grande." Después de haber buscado el en Internet, encontré algunos ejemplos en español que significan lo mismo. Mi favorito es este uno: "cuando lleguen las vacas gordas." Por cierto "las vacas gordas" también puede significar "los años ricos de riqueza" o "los años de abundancia abundantes."

There is a saying in English that is "when my ship comes in" meaning "when I'm rich" or "when I have a lot money." This phrase is used in this way: "When my ship comes in, I'll buy a very big house." After searching the Internet, I found some examples in Spanish that mean the same thing. My favorite is this one: "When the fat cows arrive." By the way, "the fat cows" can also mean "the rich or abundant years"

enter image description here

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posted by DilKen
I've also heard it said as, "When my ship sails." :-)! - Jraider, MAY 20, 2015
Great post! - Findy, MAY 20, 2015
Cool!! Great illustration. :) - rac1, MAY 20, 2015
..una casa muy grande..buscado en/por Internet..'los años de riquezas.. los años de abundancias...' :) - Pablo064, MAY 20, 2015
'this one' is just 'esta/este' :) - Pablo064, MAY 20, 2015
Love it! - jrschenk, MAY 20, 2015
Thanks Tiempo. I had a suspiicion that este uno was wrong, but I thought I would check:) - DilKen, MAY 20, 2015
The cow stuff comes from a story in the Bible about Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream. - Sassette, MAY 20, 2015
Thanks for making corrections so we can learn from your mistakes. I know the "history" tab has it but it's a lot more convenient to make the changes visible on the board. - Sassette, MAY 20, 2015

En mi estado en la costa este, ahora que es casi verano, a veces podemos ver las barcos llamados "los veleros de mástiles altos" como estos desde unas de las puentes mientras cruzamos la bahía.

In my state on the East Coast, now that it's almost summer, sometimes we can see the ships called "Tall ships" like these from one of the bridges while we are crossing the bay.

enter image description here

updated MAY 22, 2015
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posted by sanlee
wow. I didn't think many sailed those kind of ships anymore. - Sassette, MAY 20, 2015
I would love to sail on one :-)! - Jraider, MAY 20, 2015
I would love to sail on one too. You live in a beautiful part of the country, Sandy. :) - rac1, MAY 20, 2015
sandy, estado may mean your state of being, such as being pregnant, at least that is what I think, await Tiempo. - annierats, MAY 20, 2015
hhehe yes Annie but by the context there is no confusion ..'los' barcos..desde uno de los puentes..' :) - Pablo064, MAY 20, 2015
What state? Is this off the Coast of Colorado? No? ¿Dónde? - jrschenk, MAY 20, 2015
Ok, Tiempo, thanks for telling me, in Englsish ' state ' is also multi-use. - annierats, MAY 20, 2015
I didn't know it was 'multiuso' in English Ann ;) - Pablo064, MAY 20, 2015

enter image description here

¿Como llamas a cuatro hombres en un barco agujereado?

¡ Cuatro hundimientos !

What do you call four men in a leaky boat ?

Cuatro sinko!

updated MAY 21, 2015
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posted by Jraider
jejeje - Findy, MAY 20, 2015
Typo: "What do"... This joke is el stinko. jajajaja - rac1, MAY 20, 2015
Jeje! Gracias Amby :-)! - Jraider, MAY 20, 2015
My laughter of the day :) - Raja-jani, MAY 20, 2015
There is no shortage of witty people on this site... :) - jrschenk, MAY 20, 2015
Good one. I love puns. - Daniela2041, MAY 20, 2015
:) - Sassette, MAY 20, 2015

The ship Victoria completed the first trip around to the world with the Magellan - Elcano expedition.

La nao Victoria completó la primera vuelta al mundo con la expedición Magallanes - Elcano.


updated MAY 21, 2015
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posted by crucesignatus
thanks for nao...a new word for me. I just hope you escape the wrath of our moderator because the word of the day, barco, is missing :-) - Sassette, MAY 20, 2015
Hola Cruce: ...,completed the first trip around the world... - DilKen, MAY 20, 2015
How many people realize that Magellan was killed in the Philippines on this trip? Magellan himself never made it all the way around the world! - DilKen, MAY 20, 2015
Un hermoso barco :-)! - Jraider, MAY 20, 2015
Thanks, more history. Love it. :) - rac1, MAY 20, 2015
I am a sucker for anything from the time when men were made of steel and ships were made of wood. Great post. - jrschenk, MAY 20, 2015

Mi hermano estuvo estacionado a bordo de este barco durante los años 1970.

My brother was stationed aboard this ship in the 1970's.

enter image description here

1972 Family Day. My brother, mom & me (age 15) aboard the Ranger at Alameda, California. (These are from old family slides I converted to my PC.) enter image description here

My mom and I. enter image description here

Below deck. enter image description here

updated MAY 21, 2015
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posted by Findy
Mine served in frigates. - annierats, MAY 20, 2015
Hola Findy :-)! - Jraider, MAY 20, 2015
Back when....it was the largest air craft carrier in the world. 1957 I think I read. - rac1, MAY 20, 2015
...hermano estuvo estacionado a bordo de este... :) - Pablo064, MAY 20, 2015
Mi padre era un compañero del artillero en la USS Ranger. - jrschenk, MAY 20, 2015
Hi, Findy. Nice to see you around :) - Sassette, MAY 20, 2015
Hi all! Thanks for the corrections! We took a tour of this aircraft carrier on Family Day in 1972 - it was fascinating. I'll add in some photos of that day. - Findy, MAY 20, 2015

A veces cuando es necesario transportar a los infantes de Marina a otro país se usa un barco de transporte. Aquí se ve el USNS Spearhead (JHSV-1), el primero de algunos barcos nuevos de alta velocidad.

At times when it is necessary to transport Marines to another country a transport ship is used. Here you see the USNS Spearhead (JHSV-1), the first of some new high-speed ships.

enter image description here

updated MAY 21, 2015
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posted by Daniela2041
Awesome! ♥ - rac1, MAY 20, 2015
If you must charge into the path of danger, do it surrounded by marines. ;) - jrschenk, MAY 20, 2015
it looks like if you went into that dark space in the front you'd enter another dimension. Perhaps a path to my home, Smurf Village. - Sassette, MAY 20, 2015
How many troops will it hold? - Jraider, MAY 20, 2015
It is a small ship, and will hold only just over 500 people, including crew. But it is fast--43 knots or almost 50 mph. - Daniela2041, MAY 20, 2015
It actually has a double hull. That large space is not a door, it illustrates the space between the hulls. - Daniela2041, MAY 20, 2015

enter image description here

Los barcos de vela son maravillosos , pero ahora la gente no los utiliza para cruzar los mares sino que para navegarlos como deporte.

Sail ships are wonderful, but now the people use them not to cross the seas but to navigate them to do a sport.

updated MAY 21, 2015
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posted by porcupine7
hi, porcu. I think "to navigate them for sport" sounds more natural. Would appreciate further comment if there is a better way to put it than what I'm suggesting :) - Sassette, MAY 20, 2015
If you're speaking of a big ship, "sailing ships" would sound more natural. If small boats like the one in your picture, "sail boats" would be what those are called. - Winkfish, MAY 20, 2015
...yes, and you don't really need "The" in the beginning of the sentence :-)! - Jraider, MAY 20, 2015
Great suggestions. :) Hola Porcu. :) - rac1, MAY 20, 2015
I would say that was a yatch, in your picture.. - annierats, MAY 20, 2015
..ente 'no' los utiliza 'para' cruzar los mares sino 'que' para 'navegarlos como deporte' or 'navegarlos 'por' deporte...' :) - Pablo064, MAY 20, 2015

Es interesante que no solo los seres humanos viajen en barcos por su propia voluntad sino que también las ratas, que de este manera diseminaron la peste negra, una enfermedad terrible que infectó a casi toda Europa.

It's interesting that not only human beings travel by boat of their own free will, but so do rats and in this way they spread Black Death , a terrible disease that infected almost all of Europe.

updated MAY 21, 2015
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posted by annierats
Another kind of stowaway :-)! - Jraider, MAY 20, 2015
That was a horrible time. - rac1, MAY 20, 2015
..sino que también,,,I think when you have 'not only..but...' it's always with 'que'...no solo...'sino que'..'que de esta manera... :) - Pablo064, MAY 20, 2015
some years ago I heard about some abandoned boat at sea that was littered with rats. Don't know whatever happened to that vessel. - Sassette, MAY 20, 2015
using "que DE" instead of "que EN" presents one of the most difficult challenges in learning Spanish. How does one get those "connecting words" right? - Sassette, MAY 20, 2015
Tha rats abandoned it too, and swam ashore to infect Sicily, I believe, Page two. And we just have to read, listen, practice, maybe, maybe, one day we'll get it right. Cheers Tiempo, fairly minor errors, I feel, I'm chuffed. - annierats, MAY 20, 2015

Desde aquel entonces que viajé desde San Diego, California a Jebel Ali en los Emiratos Arabés Unidos en un barco no he tenido mucho muchas ganas de hacer cruceros, y el único crucero que duró por la noche que he hecho con mi esposa era fue desde Hull, Inglaterra a Bélgica- aunque a veces contemplamos hacer un crucero a Alaska.

Every Ever since that time long ago that I voyaged from San Diego, California to Jebel Ali in the United Arab Emirates on a ship I have not had much desire to go on cruises, and the only cruise that was overnight that I have gone on with my wife was from Hull, England to Belgium- although at times we think about taking a cruise to Alaska.

enter image description here

updated MAY 21, 2015
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posted by bosquederoble
Is the picture of you? - rac1, MAY 20, 2015
No- we haven't done the Alaska cruise. I just thought it was one of the more unique Alaska cruise pictures- different than all the ones showing the majestic beauty. ;) - bosquederoble, MAY 20, 2015
nice. speaking of stupid mistakes in my entry I had "Mucho mujeres." Certainly I knew it should've been "Muchas." Probably happens because of all the detailed thought that has to go into doing it right. - Sassette, MAY 20, 2015
Yes, and sometimes I pick them up on reread and sometimes not. But one or two always slip through if I write enough. :( - bosquederoble, MAY 20, 2015
Typo on the first word.. "Ever". :-)! We went on a cruise to the Caribbean once....it was great, but some people don't sail well :-)! - Jraider, MAY 20, 2015
Jeje, \HUll to Belgioum, that's a ferry-crossing, not a cruise. Cruise implies luxuxry, Hull and Belgium ar two words that I'm afraid are devoid of luxury.. I could be wrong but I won't go on any more ferries than strictly necessary! - annierats, MAY 20, 2015
Well we had a room, even if with bunk beds, and they fed us a nice Indonesian buffet (Must have been a Dutch ship?). There was also a lounge with a band. - bosquederoble, MAY 20, 2015
'no he tenido muchas ganas de..fue desde Hull....and you know what? although 'hacer cruceros' is right you can't avoid to think of 'how to make a cruise' :D so the best would be to use it once or twice and replace it with 'viajar en crucero' for instance - Pablo064, MAY 20, 2015
Gracias, Tiempo. :) - bosquederoble, MAY 20, 2015

En la historia de las relaciones entre España y el Reino Unido, los barcos de cada país fueron muy importantes. Anteriormente marineros españoles y britanicos se navegaban cerca de los otros para decir 'hola' y hacer una fiesta con cañones. Hoy en día cada año el Reino Unido manda una armada de aviones en España así que los britanicos pueden beber como barriles sin fondo, ponerse sombreros, comportarse como tontos guiris y darles a los españoles todo su dinero. Así que parece que el Reino Unido ganó la guerra pero España ha ganado la paz.

In the history of relations between Spain and the United Kingdom, each nation's ships were very important. In the past Spanish and British sailors would sail up to each other in order to say 'hiya' and have a big party with cannons. Nowadays every year Britain sends an armada of planes to Spain so the Brits may drink like fish, wear sombreros, conduct themselves like stupid foreign twits and give the Spanish all their money. Thus the UK may have won the war, but Spain has won the peace.

enter image description here

updated MAY 20, 2015
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...but the Spanish Armada was destroyed when they tried to invade England :-)! - Jraider, MAY 20, 2015
Es verdad. Una frase estupenda. - annierats, MAY 20, 2015
Historical facts? Very interesting post. :) - rac1, MAY 20, 2015
It was the weather, Jraider, and now, that same weather sends the hordes of sunseekers southwards.. - annierats, MAY 20, 2015
Suggestions 'En el pasado los marineros españoles y británicos navegaban cerca de los.. de aviones 'a' España...británicos pueden 'beber sin fondo'... :) - Pablo064, MAY 20, 2015

Partes de un barco / Parts of a boat

enter image description here

  1. Chimenea

  2. Popa

  3. Hélice

  4. Obra viva o carena

  5. Ancla

  6. Bulbo de proa

  7. Proa

  8. Cubierta

  9. Superestructura

La banda derecha del navío mirando de popa a proa es estribor, y el lado o costado izquierdo de la embarcación mirando de popa a proa es babor.

  1. Chimney

  2. Stern

  3. Propeller

  4. Bottom

  5. Anchor

  6. Bulbous bow

  7. Bow

  8. Deck

  9. Superstructure

The right side (facing forward) is starboard and the left side is port.

updated MAY 21, 2015
edited by LuisCache
posted by LuisCache
Thank you, Luis...I always get the starboard and port mixed up. :) - rac1, MAY 20, 2015
Esto es muy útil, Luis. - jrschenk, MAY 20, 2015
@Rac1 Memory devices... Red Port Wine (Portside lights are red, starboard lights are green) and Port=Left (both have 4 letters) - jrschenk, MAY 20, 2015

Hace cincuenta años, si los Australianos querían visita Inglaterra, nuestra "madre patria", el modo de viaje usual era en barco. Viajar por avion se consideraba demasiado caro, y era solo para los ricos. El viaje tardó seis semanas. Pocas personas hicieron ese viaje. Hoy en dia todo el mundo va en avion. El viaje tarda veintecuatro horas. Es común ir a Europa muchas veces, y también a todos los otros lugares del mundo

Fifty years ago, if Australians wanted to visit England, our "Motherland", the usual means of travel was by boat. To go by plane was considered very expensive and only for the rich. The trip took six weeks. Not many people made that voyage. These days everyone goes by plane. The trip takes twenty-four hours. It is common to go to Europe many times, and also to all the other places on the planet.

enter image description here

The picture is of farewelling a P &O liner in Melbourne. Tbere was great excitement, streamers were thrown, and the 6 weeks journey was going to be a big party!

updated MAY 21, 2015
edited by jennysk
posted by jennysk
Great post, Jenny! - LuisCache, MAY 20, 2015
What does P & O stands for? - LuisCache, MAY 20, 2015
Nowadays it seems to be a luxury to go by ship. - rac1, MAY 20, 2015
Siempre me gusta sus entradas. - jrschenk, MAY 20, 2015

Natalia me preguntó, "eres rico?" Le dije, "No, porque no tengo un avión o un barco de lujo."

Natalia asked me, “Are you rich?” I said, “No, because I don’t have an aircraft or a luxury boat.”

updated MAY 20, 2015
posted by Raja-jani
Maybe one day Raj :-)! - Jraider, MAY 20, 2015
Would you prefer one over the other? - rac1, MAY 20, 2015
Neither, I am happy with my simple car :) - Raja-jani, MAY 20, 2015
Really, when we know you have 13 racehorses in trianing? - annierats, MAY 20, 2015
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