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I would advise against jumping to the defense of a member by questioning the banning on the open forum as this could result in further bannings because of the violation of rule 3.

Rule 3. This Forum is Moderated

I looked in the Terms of Service and I couldn't find any reference to this rule. Could someone please direct me to where these rules are posted, I would like to become acquainted with them. Thank you.

updated JUL 11, 2010
posted by Jsanthara
How can any members literally violate that rule? If there's no moderation? - epicfail, JUL 10, 2010

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Look at the top of the Answer page. You will see a rectangle that has "Welcome to Answers" in it. Click on "View Rules and Guidelines." Go down to Roman numeral III. You'll find what you are looking for there. smilelink text

updated JUL 11, 2010
edited by sanlee
posted by Delores--Lindsey
I hope you don't mind, Delores, I put a link in your post. - sanlee, JUL 10, 2010
Many thanks, Sanlee! :-) - Delores--Lindsey, JUL 10, 2010
Wow, I feel a little foolish. Sometimes I can be quite oblivious. Thanks for the help. - Jsanthara, JUL 10, 2010
Je je je Well, Jsanthara, I've overlooked a thing or two myself! :-) - Delores--Lindsey, JUL 11, 2010


So you are admitting that you've been using this site without reading the Forum Rules and Guidelines! That is a violation of the Rules in itself. Pack your bags!! grin

updated JUL 11, 2010
edited by 0074b507
posted by 0074b507
por favor señor! give me another chance! :) - Jsanthara, JUL 11, 2010
Since you asked politely, one more chance, but Heidita will keep her eye on you! - 0074b507, JUL 11, 2010

When you click on "Answers" Rules and Guidelines is in that blue box that says "Welcome to Answers". This is in section III General Site Info.

updated JUL 11, 2010
posted by alba3
Thanks alba. - Jsanthara, JUL 10, 2010

How can any members literally violate that rule? If there's no moderation? - Imwaytoocold

Rules exist everywhere in the world, and they get violated everywhere. The moderators are not on this site 24 hours, so a violation can always exist.

updated JUL 11, 2010
posted by 00494d19
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