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I would like to learn some more expressions and figures of speach in Spanish. I will share the few that I know with you, first.

Soñar no cuesta noda. (Lit---to dream costs nothing/ It costs nothing to dream)

Eres hablando de la que pica el pollo. (You are talking s**t! Literally: you are speaking of what the chicken eats. Apparently, chickens in Puerto Rico have been observed eating feces.)

Here are a couple of familiar ones:

Roma no se hizo en un dia (Rome wasn't built in a day)

No todo lo que se brilla es oro (Not all that glitters is gold)

Todo del mundo le gusta el ñame (Everyone likes to take the easy way out. Another one from Puerto Rico: Litterally **everybody likes the ñame* (a sweet potatoe like vegitable).

Los vagos trabajan doble (Lit--the lazy ones (vagrants, tramps) work double/ lazy people do double work

updated JUN 26, 2010
posted by Zachary-Santamaria
nada. I am going to look into "Los vagos trabajan doble" II don't quite follow! - Silvia, JUN 26, 2010
It just means that if you are lazy and try to do a half-assed job you will end up doing more work later trying to fix the situation. Watch the lazy people you work with or live with and the truth of this expression will come to life! - Zachary-Santamaria, JUN 26, 2010

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Hi Zachary,

You can find a ton of phrases, idioms and expressions in the phrasebook. You can also add some of your own. wink

updated JUN 26, 2010
posted by Nicole-B
Thanks for the tip. - Zachary-Santamaria, JUN 26, 2010
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