clothing pantry

clothing pantry


Estimados amigos, We have a human services program that provides among other services to the homeless and drug-users--free coffee, cafe gratis, and a clothing pantry--but are having a hard time coming up with the same concept en espanol to put into our outreach fliers for clients:

Favor, nos ayude?

ropa gratis doesn't quite explain it dispensa de ropa is a little bit better almacen de ropa isn't really a know Spanish concept donacion de ropa sounds like we are soliciting donated clothing (which we do, but here we are giving out the clean, free, donated clothing to those who need it);

What do you suggest??

Gracias, Cindy

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I think there are two terms you could use"

  1. Deposito de ropa

  2. Abarrotes - supplies, groceries, articles of clothing

You can then indicate that all are gratis.

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Now that makes sense, to say deposito de ropa gratis o despensa de ropa gratis. - sagiia, AGO 13, 2010

Perhaps the answers from this Question will be of help to you if you have not already figured out your own solution. How do you say food pantry?

I think it is probably best to find out how it is already being said in the community you are trying to serve as it could very likely vary between countries or even different populations within a city. For example Puerto Ricans may use a different word than Mexicans even though they are living in the same US city.

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Gracias! I did not realize there was a problem. - sagiia, AGO 13, 2010

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